Featured Graduate: Colette

Ahead of our next YogaLondon Charity Class , we spoke to Colette, who will be leading the session. Colette’s yoga journey has taken her from being part of the Cirque Du Soleil, traveling the world, to now teaching yoga alongside being a mum. Read on for more! 

YogaLondon: What is your favourite thing about practising yoga?

Colette:  I love mostly all parts of practicing yoga. I particularly like working on my flexibility, going deeper into postures and finding space within my body and mind.  Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 17.14.06

YL: What brought you to yoga? 

Colette:  As a former Cirque Du Soleil Principle Aerialist, I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the world performing at numerous shows and events.  Along the way I practiced yoga on and off, which has always helped to keep me grounded and balanced.  As well as being an aerialist, I am embarking on a new journey in my life as a yoga teacher, where I take great pleasure in sharing with others the many techniques and forms of the body that have been taught to me over the years.

YL: What made you choose a YogaLondon teacher training?

Colette: After a lot of researching, I did a Try Us evening taster class with YogaLondon which I really enjoyed and confirmed to me that YogaLondon teacher training was the one for me.  It felt right and I could fit it into my schedule alongside being a mummy and working.

YL: How was transitioning from yoga student to yoga teacher?

Colette:  Thankfully everything seemed to all fall in place naturally for me as I began teaching half way through the course.

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YL: What was the hardest moment in your journey to become a yoga teacher? 

Colette: I found the Sanskrit language hard to absorb.  One of my favourite memories was on the course during teaching practice when I found my voice when giving verbal adjustments and instructions, it felt so good and I was proud of myself.

YL: What advice would you give yourself before you became a yoga teacher?

Colette: To set aside enough time for yoga homework.

YL: What can we find you doing now? 

Colette: One step at a time, I go with the flow. I run a weekly class within a large corporate building within the City of London. Hopefully more coming soon!

YL: What should people expect when they come to your class?

Colette: Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to experienced yogis. Beginners that come to my classes can expect me to be patient and experienced yogis can expect to be stretched to the limits!

I hope to bring more than just a handstand, bringing the mind body and soul together and helping people to be the best that they can be both physically and mentally.

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