Featured Graduate: Maria de las Cuevas

Ahead of our charity yoga class on 24th March in aid of MSF, we spoke to YogaLondon graduate Maria about what brought her to yoga, her experience learning with us, the importance of living in the moment and her exciting plans for the future. 

YL: What is your favourite thing about practising yoga?

Maria: It’s the peace that I feel on my mat. The practice brings me harmony, balance and strength to deal with my daily routine.

YL: What brought you to yoga?

Maria: I went to yoga for the first time twelve years ago in Brazil searching for something to relief my stress. I had just finished my Veterinarian degree. I found the work too stressful so I found comfort in yoga practice. Since then I have never stopped practising and two years ago I just dived deep into yoga and decided to become a teacher.  I wanted to pass forward all the knowledge that changed my life to those who need it too. 


YL: What made you choose a YogaLondon teaching course?

Maria:  I found YogaLondon online and everything suited perfectly to my life, prices, style and location. The format of the courses was very convenient for me because I have a little boy at home, so weekends were when I had the time. When it started I just saw how right my choice was. I am so pleased to have chosen YogaLondon. 

YL: How was transitioning from yoga student to yoga teacher?

Maria: The transition was quite smooth and I did everything in my own time.  As a very shy person I thought it might be a bit difficult to be in front of the room leading a class, but after my first classes I found myself as a teacher. I just love being there for my students being part of their improvement, their journey. 

YL: What was your hardest moment in your journey to become a yoga teacher?

Maria: My hardest moment was during the course when I felt I taught badly. I started doubted my teaching, but the thought of stopping never passed through my mind. I saw my shyness as my challenge and today I feel better and not shy in front of my students.

YL: What advice would you give yourself before you became a yoga teacher?

Maria: Never stop believing in what you are capable of doing. With love and dedication we can do whatever we want. Just have focus and trust in your strength.

YL: What can we find you doing now?

Maria: I have my own classes, it is just the beginning!  As I said, I am doing things slowly and step by step developing my own brand Ser Yogi. I have many plans, I want to do my 500hr training with YogaLondon and children’s yoga in the future… let’s see… living in the present is the best thing that I can do. 

YL: What should people expect when they come to your class?

Maria: My class is a very slow flow. I like to do the transitions in a slow motion, so that we can have time to breath and feel the restorative part of yoga without missing the flow of the style. Students will feel refreshed and ready to take that positive energy from the mat to their lives.

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