Featured Graduate: Susy Galante

After a booked-out charity yoga class at the beginning of the month, we’re very excited to be hosting our second one! Led by YogaLondon graduate Susy Galante, we’ll be donating all proceeds to the wonderful Medicins Sans Frontieres.  Read on to find out more on Susy’s yoga teaching journey…

YogaLondon (YL): What brought you to yoga?

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.02.23Susy Galente: My dad had been practising yoga for almost ten years when I stepped into my first yoga class. I was 27 and I asked him to go with me for the taster class. After that I decided to start the yoga journey and…I never stopped!

After ten years myself, my teacher suggested that I think about starting a yoga teacher training. I had already planned to move to London and I thought it was the perfect moment to leave everything behind and turn the page.

I was working in a company as an executive assistant when I applied for the yoga teacher training with Yoga London.  I perfectly remember the day they said ‘YES’! My heart was full of joy, it was the best gift I could give to myself.  

YL: What made you choose a YogaLondon teacher training? 

The timing, schedule, subjects and location were so perfect. The team that contacted me were so nice, supportive and loving. I had the feeling that it was a very good school and after my training I can say that I was right!

YL: How was transitioning from yoga student to yoga teacher?

Well, it’s something that I realised along the way. At the beginning I thought I wouldn’t be able to teach yoga in another language. I am Italian and I was really concerned about learning and teaching yoga in English. Now I can say that teaching yoga has settled inside of me day by day.

One day I realised I could do it with no problems!

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 14.03.45YL: What was the hardest moment in your yoga teaching journey?

The hardest moment was at the beginning. I had a lot of ups and downs. It’s a very emotional journey. It digs into the most intimate layers of yourself, through yourself and transforms you. The transition is always exciting but also hard to deal with even if you know it will have a happy ending.

The best memory is when I realised that I wanted to be a yoga teacher, that I was on the right path. I wrote a Post-It and put it on a wall in my house; it says: “I will bring yoga into others’ hearts”. And now I am doing it!

YL: What advice would you give yourself before you became a yoga teacher?

Be authentic and gentle with yourself: yoga is a personal journey.

Be humble with others: teaching yoga is a privilege and I will honour it.

YL: What can we find you doing now? 

My dream is to have my own studio, one day. I have few projects here in London, private and group classes but also professional partnership. I believe in the power of connections!

I always say: a long journey starts from the very first step.

YL: What should people expect when they come to your class?

I have studied Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and created my unique style. You will learn the Primary Series from Ashtanga, moving into a more meditative and introspective practice from Hatha.

When I decided to attend the Yoga Teacher Training my wish was to bring yoga into others’ hearts. I wanted to touch the soul and the inner parts of  others; to allow them to discover the beauty of themselves: that’s what I would like to bring to people coming to my class.

Thanks Susy, we can’t wait!

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