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Wondering what prenatal or antenatal yoga is? Is a ‘regular’ yoga class good enough choice? What are the benefits of prenatal yoga and what can you expect during the class? The articles below will hopefully help to answer these questions and more. Yoga in pregnancy is a wide and fascinating topic. So, whether you are a mum-to-be, a partner, doula or a yoga teacher, read on and expect more information to come. This department looks at everything pregnancy yoga related.

Articles About Pregnancy Yoga




Pregnancy Training

If you’re interested in learning more about yoga during pregnancy, or would like to top up your existing 200-hour training, please take a look at our Pregnancy Training yoga course:

This certificate is perhaps the most valuable tool in your ‘yoga teacher toolkit’. Think about it – who comes to a typical yoga class? Nine times out of ten it’s female students between 25-45 years old. That’s when many women are choosing to have a family, which means you need to be ready to adapt. Whether you’re looking to hold specialist pregnancy classes or you want to integrate expectant mums into general class, this course is for you.

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