The Philosophy Module Curriculum

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  • Recognised qualification: 500-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
  • Course fees: Core Modules £750; CPD Courses £225
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The Yoga Sutras in Context

  • Explore the orthodox schools, how the book is structured, how the Sutras define yoga, and who Patanjali is
  • Atha Yoga Anushasanam: Arguably the most important sutra. We get the opportunity to understand the prescribed relationships of the Vedas, and its significance to a student of yoga
  • Develop an understanding of the paths offered by Patanjali, in the Sutras, to overcome the obstacles to clarity

Study the Complete Text

  • Study the complete Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from start to end
  • Develop an understanding of the obstacles to clarity and the various ways in which the prakriti and chitta hinder the pursuit of clarity
  • Understand the concept of parinama or change: why change is important and also what our response to change is
  • The activities or the movements of the mind and what the consequences of these movements are
  • Understand how to gain control over the gross and subtle elements, and the consequences of gaining such control
  • Come to an understanding of what happens to the prakriti, in a state of kaivalyam

Experiential Learning

  • Experience how to put the sutras on pranayama into practice. Students will leave with an understanding of the experiential nature of the Sutras
  • Guidance from the sutras on how to develop your yoga practice to the next level, where the practice of samyama helps to bring further clarity to the mind
  • Learn to chant key sutras from memory in Sanskrit