The Apprenticeship Curriculum

You've completed your 200-hour training - it's time to advance your game.

  • Recognised qualification: 500-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
  • Course fees: £1,350; £1,147.50 with graduate discount
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Note: Due to the nature of apprenticeships, priority is given to YogaLondon 200-Hour Graduates.


Assisting in morning practices will develop your skills and confidence in offering adjustments within a group class setting. Initially, you will spend time observing the course leader's classes. Time will be allocated during your 1-2-1 meetings to discuss any questions that may arise regarding sequencing, assisting, equipment, etc. When your course leader deems it appropriate, you will begin to assist within the morning practices.

Asana & Pranayama Practice

Participation in pranayama and/or yoga nidra sessions will be offered throughout the training. Towards the latter part of the training you will be able to participate in the morning asana classes as a student, furthering your own technique and practice.

Student Development

A key component of the apprenticeship is learning to work with students over an extended period of time. You will document the asana practice development of all students in the training group. This will include learning about their physical goals, noting injuries/conditions, recording their strengths and weaknesses on commencement, and charting their progression through the training.

1-2-1 Sessions

You will meet with your course leader four times in total. These sessions will be structured to discuss your progress within the apprenticeship and, where time allows, outline your wider teaching goals. You will also be given reading and writing assignments within these meetings.

Workshop Observation and Reflection

You will have the opportunity to observe and reflect on lessons in the training as individual workshops. A pre-defined selection of 7 lessons will be allocated to the apprentice for 'formal observations', which must be documented and submitted to the course leader. Reflective questions will assist you in evaluating your response to the workshop - how material was presented, how the tutor fielded questions from students, how energy in a room is managed, how a workshop is sequenced, and what changes you might make to improve a workshop plan.

Practice Teaching

Towards the end of the apprenticeship, you may have the opportunity to teach a full-length asana class and a full-length workshop during the yoga teacher-training course. This remains at the discretion of the course leader. Your course leader will observe both sessions and provide feedback.

Research for a Workshop

You will be assigned a research project to complete during the apprenticeship. This project must be completed and submitted electronically by the end of the course. It should show evidence of in-depth research into a specified topic area and the capacity to present the information in a clear and accessible way to a non-yoga audience.

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