Continuing Professional Development

Keep learning and developing your teaching skills with specialist courses.

  • Recognised qualification: Recognised Yoga Alliance CPD Courses which count towards a 500-hour certification (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
  • Course fees: starting at £225
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Continuing Professional Development
It's vital to continue learning and growing as a yoga teacher, and our Continuing Professional Development Courses (CPDs) aim to do just that. Whether you are interested in learning handstands and arm balances, want to deepen your understanding of Marma points, or strengthen your physical adjustments skills, there is a CPD course for you.

Immersion Weekends or Bitesize Courses
Life is busy, and our courses are geared to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Our Immersion Weekends cover 14 contact hours of learning in a single weekend (Saturday, 9am – 6pm and Sunday, 9am – 4pm). Still too much? Our Bitesize Courses meet online for 2-3 hours each week over 8 weeks. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you.

Build Up to Your 500-hour Certificate
As you increase your knowledge base with each CPD course, you’ll automatically accrue hours that will count towards your 500-hour certificate… With no commitment. Step by step, you’ll be establishing yourself as a teacher committed to yourself and your students. Before you know it you’ll certify as a RYT-500 Teacher, setting you apart from the masses.

With a wide range of topics on offer, tutors for each of the CPD courses come from a diverse and endless background of experiential learning and training. They are individuals who have devoted themselves to a particular area of expertise and we are delighted to have them share their skill set with YogaLondon students.

At YogaLondon, we believe in-person training is best.
As a vocational teacher training school operating in covid-secure venues, we are open and delivering our professional training in person.
And if you can’t attend a class, our Live Stream feature is available to you. This learning option enables our students to participate remotely whenever necessary, ensuring they have full control over their training environment.
You can find more information about our covid safety procedures here.

Course Title Dates Location Teacher
EVENING COURSE - Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction January 2022
January: 19th, 26th
February: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 27th
March: 2nd, 9th
Online Zoom Rosalie Dores
January 2022
Course Description:
During this 8-week online training you will learn and practice formal and informal meditation exercises that will allow you to develop a regular mindfulness practice. The content of this course covers both experiential and theoretical understanding of the practice of mindfulness. By the end of the training you will be empowered to take charge of your own well-being, and to consciously and systematically work with your own life challenges.
The online format of the course offers a unique opportunity to undertake study in the comfort and safety of your own home. Classes will run from 6pm - 8pm Wednesdays, the retreat day at the weekend from 10am - 4pm. You will participate in weekly 2-hour sessions, plus an online retreat day. This will allow you to fully integrate the practice into your everyday life without the need for a special place or conditions.
On successful completion of this training, students will receive a certificate from YogaLondon. When coupled with at least 6-12 months of personal mindfulness practice, this 8-week training qualifies as a prerequisite for the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) in Mindfulness.
Please note the course requires a commitment to home practice between sessions.
Yoga and Sustainability February 2022
February: 5th - 6th
Oval Marta Simonetti
February 2022
Course Description:
In this course you’ll bring the practice of yoga off the mat and explore how yoga and sustainability are interrelated concepts. The study of traditional yoga already gives us some important guidance to the ideas of contentment, equanimity and stability. Practices such as slow yoga flow, yin and restorative at the same time provide us with tools to explore movement in a way that nourishes both mind and soul. A sustainable mindset born from yoga practices can be translated into our daily life: what does it mean to be kind to ourselves and to the planet? What other interpretations can be explored in concepts such as the yama and niyama (ethical considerations)? In what ways can the practice of yoga support a regenerative, ecological approach in our daily life? How can we better understand the sustainability terms such as circularity, valuing nature and carbon footprint. During the first day of this CPD, we will explore sustainability in movement and in key concepts from classical yoga philosophy; we will then set the stage to learn the broader meanings of sustainability and the connections with regeneration, nature and its value. During the second day, we will explore how to bring positive change that can be sustainable, and how we can translate our learning into a commitment journal or material for teaching.
Chair Yoga February 2022
February: 26th - 27th
Oval Matt Smith
February 2022
Course Description:
Chair yoga is an excellent practice that makes yoga accessible to a much wider audience. From students with limited mobility or balance to deskbound lifestyles, knowledge of chair yoga can have wide ranging possible uses.

Both mornings of this intensive you will participate in a full yoga practice using chairs. You will break down the postures and analyse the sequences so that you leave with two complete chair yoga practices and the ability to create more on your own.

Alongside these physical practices, we will also spend time looking at pranayama, meditation and chanting, which are naturally therapeutic to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility.
EVENING COURSE - The Bhagavad Gita March 2022
March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
April: 5th, 12th
Online Zoom Deepti Sastry
Yoga teachers
March 2022
Course Description:
This course will provide an thorough grounding in the Bhagavad Gita, to help students and practitioners of yoga understand how this seminal text presents yoga and, more importantly, the purpose of yoga. In studying this text, you will cover the three key paths of yoga that the Gita discusses: bhakti, jnana, and karma yoga. The course will give you the chance to discuss the 'big' themes that the Gita presents and discuss how the Gita can be made relevant to our own modern lives. For yoga teachers, it will inform how you teach yoga, how you can create tangible practices (asana, pranayama, and dhyanam) that draw on this text, and how to design a short practices from textual sources (like the Gita).
Integrating Pregnant Students Into Your Yoga Class March 2022
March: 26th - 27th
Oval Jo Harris
Yoga teachers
March 2022
Course Description:
Pregnancy or Postnatal recovery is not an illness but a natural change and transition in a woman’s life. However, as the women undergoes major hormonal and physiological changes we, as yoga teachers, need to understand how to modify the poses to safely and confidently integrate pregnant and postpartum students into our classes. The weekend will cover the basic physiological changes that yoga teachers need to be aware of. Understand which changes can affect a student’s practice, and learn when to refer, “red flags” and contra-indications. This course will give you the tools to safely integrate and offer modifications to pregnant and postpartum students in your regular classes. By the end of the weekend, you will know:

- Basic physiology of pregnancy and the postpartum period
- Contraindications and when to refer to prenatal/postnatal yoga
- Modifications of sun salutations
- Modifications of most common poses
- Alternatives to contraindicated poses/pranayama
ONLINE Restorative Teacher Training March 2022
March: 26th - 27th
April: 9th - 10th, 23rd - 24th
Online Zoom Lucinda Beatty
Yoga teachers
March 2022
Course Description:
Learn to teach Restorative Yoga and bring the gift of ‘slowing down’ to your students. This three-part training covers all aspects of teaching Restorative Yoga and incorporating it into your practice.

Weekend 1 covers an introduction to Restorative Yoga and how it can support students to learn how to adapt to stress and find a state of rest through the practice. This weekend includes how to use props to enable a deep sense of release, understanding transitions, creating smooth sequences, observing and adjusting students. You will also write scripts for a full restorative practice and focus on working with breath and silence.

Weekend 2 focuses on how different emotional states manifest in the body. We will develop an understanding of the endocrine and nervous systems and how these can be influenced through posture. Learning will include more detailed sequencing and managing emotions in class. Time will be dedicated to putting the learning into practice.

Weekend 3 turns to how the mind influences muscle tone. There will be a continued focus on using props to create a sense of ease in the body, including the use of head wrapping and weights. There will be a practical exam on the final Sunday afternoon.
Cultivating Mindful Relationships April 2022
April: 21st, 28th
May: 5th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 26th
June: 2nd, 9th
Online Zoom Rosalie Dores
April 2022
Course Description:
The Interpersonal Mindfulness course is an opportunity for practitioners to deepen and refine their meditation practice and extend this into their relational lives. Much of our stress and challenge happens in relationship with others, and yet we give so little time to developing skills to work with this. Learning how to bring the calm and concentration developed in our meditation or yoga practice into our relational lives can be life enhancing, enriching, deeply satisfying and potentially joyful. Classes will run from 6pm - 8pm on Thursdays, the retreat day at the weekend will be on a Sunday from 10am - 4pm. You will learn six meditative guidelines that can be applied within your relational life, both personal and public. During the course, we will bring together the power of mindfulness cultivated in relationship and deep listening with fundamental teachings of human psychology and wisdom. As a result you will deepen self-understanding, develop greater authenticity, relational confidence, self-compassion and compassion for others, deepen empathy and self-enquiry. We will also spend periods in silent meditation and relational meditation in pairs and small groups. This course is suitable for people with meditative experience.