YogaLondon 500-Hour Course Outline

You've completed your 200-hour training - it's time to advance your game.

  • Recognised qualification: 500-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
  • Course fees: Starting at £4050, with 3 payment plans to choose from. View payment plans here.
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Yoga Alliance 300-Hour Advanced Standards

Our Advanced trainings are designed to build upon the lessons taught at the 200-hour level. We prepare you to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and more subtle; and enable you to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200.

While each module has a specific focus, all contain subject matter geared towards five main educational categories as laid out by Yoga Alliance:

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice
  2. Teaching Methodology
  3. Anatomy and Physiology
  4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  5. Practicum (Teaching Practice)

Daily Cup of Yoga

All modules contain morning asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Classes are kept small to facilitate plenty of one-to-one attention with the teacher. Theory from afternoon lectures is lifted from the manuals and deeply embedded into your body and mind through these practices.

Asana Module Highlights:

The Asana Core Module focuses in on three key aspects to your teaching: postures, adjusting and sequencing. Discover how to approach asanas that might be unfamiliar to you such as those found in the 2nd series of Ashtanga Vinyasa and moon salutations. Gain newfound creativity in class sequencing, both for those of you who are just starting to teach and those who need inspiration. Become truly confident in the application and communication of physical touch, through hands-on support and assists.

Read the full Asana Module syllabus

Philosophy Module Highlights:

Embark in a detailed exploration of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, beyond the eight limbs of yoga. Studying this pivotal text from start to finish will give you a thorough understanding of his key concepts. We will cover: response to change (parinama), overcoming obstacles, clarity, pranayama according to Patanjali, the practice of samyama, and kaivalyam.

Read the full Philosophy Module syllabus

Anatomy Module Highlights:

Your primary tool as a yoga teacher is the body, which is why a thorough understanding of anatomy is crucial. In this module, you'll arrive at a deeper understanding of anatomy and how to translate that knowledge into a functional teaching tool, whilst addressing injuries and alignment. Learning how the body functions as a complete system and incorporating that directly into your teaching is an indispensable tool.

Read the full Anatomy Module syllabus

Apprentice Module Highlights:

The Apprentice Module is based on the historical model passed on by our yogic forefathers to work with a mentor as a means of developing yourself as a student and teacher. During this module, and under the guidance of a senior course leader, you'll begin teaching students currently enrolled on a 200-hour teacher training. Over an extended period of time, and using said students as unique case studies, you'll come to understand how best to serve each student's aims, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you'll be guided to teach a two-hour workshop, focusing on how to facilitate different personalities, effective time-management skills and develop an overall structure for your teaching.

Read the full Apprentice Module syllabus

CPD Course Highlights:

Our CPD courses provide a means for you to make the 500-hour course suit you. Whether you are interested in learning about Shatkarmas and the concept of Agni, deepen your understanding of Marma points, strengthen your adjustments skills, or study the Upanishads, pick out 10 CPD courses of your choosing that will broaden your learning.
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