Winter Yoga Practise

By YogaLondon on 11 September 2010 | Video: How do you know you're ready to teach yoga?

Winter. "It's that time of the year again

"people say anxiously. Why? The holidays, the change of season, the end of year jitters; the parties, the shopping and the late nights. It's as if we're primed to view November-January in stressful terms. Or experience tells us that the on-going stimulation and celebrating is too much to handle. In any case, banish those winter woes and refocus to what's most important: your health and wellbeing.

De-stressing is easy with yoga. It'll steer your mind away from obligations of gift giving, party planning or even the mundane everyday. Naturally our bodies are less energetic in the winter, so we must take this into account when engaging in physical exercise. In regards to yoga, focus on postures and keep in position longer than you would normally (without too much exertion). Keep yourself relaxed and calm as you transition from asanas. For a quick energy lift, try a soft backbend. This will open blocked channels in the body and boost your mood.

Just as you're switching from quarter-length sleeve shirts to long-sleeves and from sweaters to coats, transition your late summer/early fall eating habits to winter ones. It's all about eating warm. Lay low on the salads and raw vegetables and stick to soups and lightly cooked meals. Learn to eat according to the season. This time of year, fruits and vegetables are laden with Vitamin C - an immune system booster. Below is a short list of winter fruits/veg:

Winter Fruits

  1. Bananas - Fiber, potassium and Vitamin C
  2. Oranges - High in Vitamin C
  3. Grapes - High in Vitamin C

Winter Veg

  1. Broccoli - Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Fiber
  2. Cauliflower - Vitamin C, Fiber
  3. Parsnips - Vitamin C
  4. Squash - Vitamin A, C, Fiber, Potassium
  5. Snow Peas - Vitamin C
  6. Sweet Potatoes - Vitamin A, C, Fiber, Copper, Potassium
Spice up your life

Spices not only give a special kick to food, it naturally makes them "warm". Try adding a bit of ginger, garlic or pepper to dishes. It'll give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Get Rest

To conserve your energy, set aside time for you and only you. Take a warm bath, meditate, indulge in a cat nap, read a book.