Carl Hargreaves

transportation East FInchely
Address: 85, Huntingdon Road, N2 9DX
Phone: 0208 444 3178
Styles: Viniyoga and Scaravelli and Hatha

The most highly recommended way to learn yoga is by regular practice with the right guidance. A highly beneficial yoga practice can be found for every individual, -whatever your fitness and health. Please consider a series of individual sessions, in which I will work out the right practice for you to do every day by yourself. I offer a free half hour consultation to discuss this, and for you to see if it is for you. Like most things, progress in yoga requires dedicated practice sustained over a long period of time. This is not to say that group classes are not also an excellent way to study.  I teach courses for beginners and on going students, workshops, yoga weekends and holidays. Ideally you can do all of these! I offer guidance and teaching of asana (posture), pranayama (breath), meditation, yoga texts and philosophy. I will share my understanding about how to apply the principles of yoga to resolve life’s problems so that you may be more healthy, at peace, and happy in your self. I also offer diet and lifestyle advice, based on ayurvedic and yogic principles. I have taught yoga since 1995, and hold several qualifications. I follow the teachings of Krishnamacharya, and his son Desikachar, as taught to me by their students, Paul Harvey and Sylvianne Gianina, (amongst many others.) I am married with two young children. I have a background in Contemporary Dance, Martial Arts, Film-making, Philosophy, and (ethical, green) Economics. I am active in business and my local community, -as karma yoga!

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