Chaithanya Yoga School

transportation Honor Oak Park Station
Address: 23 Parbury Road, SE23 1NZ
Phone: 020 8699 6980
Styles: Pregnancy and Hatha and Postnatal

The general yoga classes include yoga flow (sun salutation with variations); followed by yoga poses held with breath awareness for strength, flexibility, health improvement and energy/vibrational increase. Pregnancy Yoga Classes incorporate yoga poses (including variations which are especially taylored for pregnant women); breathing techniques & visualisation, relaxation, Mantra Chanting and Meditation. Post-natal yoga helps to get the body back into shape. Stretches for the babies to relax and strengthen their bodies and relieve various illnesses like colics. Increases bonding. Sanskrit Prayers and bhajans (devotional singing) to increase love and compassion between mum and baby and connect with the highest energies.

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