Dynamic Yoga London

transportation Camden Town
Address: The Upper Room, NW1 0ND
Phone: 07763648294
Styles: Hatha and Power/Flow and Yoga-Meditation mix

Moving the body in and out of different postures and holding in stillness, the whole body is recalibrated; a process that involves the body and the mind. The effects of yoga are very broad and very deep. Immediately it gives the body back the capability to move freely and effortlessly, while at the same time focusing the mind. Enhancement of muscular activity, respiration, circulation and digestion will give benefits physically, psychologically and cosmetically. Yoga works on the immune and nervous system allowing us more ability to deal with daily stresses of life. "Dynamic yoga aims to bring about physical, mental and spiritual transformation in the utilisation of postural, breath and attention techniques. The only requirements to begin this practice are an ability to breathe and a beginners mind." Tammy‘s classes focus on re-awakening the inherent integrity of the body, alignment and sensitivity. Expect a challenging asana practice while simultaneously unlocking the meditative mind. Om shanti

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