Planet of Joy

transportation Ravenscourt Park
Address: 153 Askew Road , W12 9AU
Phone: 0208 811 1147
Styles: Hatha and Kundalini and Yoga-Meditation mix

We offer yoga classes, Meditation, massage treatments, reflexology. Yoga is an ancient philosophy & system of practice designed to unite mind and body to create a sense of complete well-being. The practice combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Although Yoga is renowned as a practice that improves strength and flexibility, the practice is more than physical postures; it’s a practice that inter-relates the mind, body and spirit, promoting increased awareness, vitality and inner peace. Through regular practice, many describe how the physical and mental discipline involved during Yoga, and the sense of wellbeing it encourages, makes it life-transforming. The release of physical and mental tension, awareness of breath and sense of ‘being’ harnessed during the practice can permeate into other aspects of life, often leading to feeling more relaxed, mindful and grounded wherever you are. Yoga and Meditation can bring you a whole new outlook on life. Try it and see!

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