Yoga Foundations Course

We take pride in being a world-class yoga training school, right in the heart of London.

Q: What happens on the course?

A: The Foundations Course (FC) looks closely at the fundamentals of yoga from a physical and nonphysical perspective. Set over a weekend, it includes study of essential asana (yoga poses), an introduction to the history of yoga, a basic introduction to teaching methodologies and insight into pranayama (breathing techniques). Students also receive a course manual to take away and study in their own time.

Q: Who can take the course?

A: Anyone and everyone can take this course. If you have no prior yoga experience, or you’re an advanced yogi, this course is for everyone. If you’d like to deepen your knowledge of yoga, or you’re considering a teacher training course, you’ll fit right in.

Q: Does the Foundations Course qualify me to teach?

A: The Foundations Course alone does not qualify you to teach. However, students who go on to commit to our 200-hour teacher training course can include the 18-hour FC as part of their training hours.

Q: What kind of yoga is it?

A: When most people begin their yoga journey, they’re not even aware that they are several different forms and types of yoga. Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram or Hot Yoga, and countless others are all different types of yoga. At YogaLondon, we specialise in Vinyasa or Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which is a dynamic type of yoga that offers a different set of yoga poses in each and every class.

Q: After this course, then what?

A: People wonder about what happens during a course, but more people wonder what happens afterwards! Will you be able to do splits? Can you teach yoga? Will you know how to adjust others? The Foundations Course is the first step in a deeper journey of yoga, but it doesn’t qualify you to be a yoga teacher or even to adjust others. You will learn some basics of adjustmenting, partly to help your own practice, but also to understand the appeal of becoming a yoga teacher. This course will answer questions that arise in your own practice, and address the question of “what’s next”?

Q: Is it worth doing if I want to do the Teacher Training?

A: The short answer is 'Yes'. A Foundations Course provides you with an excellent point of learning from which a Teacher Training course becomes that much more accessible and less intimidating!

Q: I'm pregnant. Can I do the Foundations Course?

Congratulations! Our advice would be to wait until after the birth of your baby. Send us an email or call us and we'll talk you through what courses are in store for next year.

Q: What is the Payment Policy?

Your total course fee is £225. Included in your course fees are all tuition hours and a Foundation Course Manual. No refunds are available for this course. Please visit our Payments page.

Q: When can I start?

A: Our Foundations Course runs throughout the year. Please click the "Dates & Times" link.

Q: Do you offer accommodation?

A: Our venue in Bermondsey offers dormitory accommodation at a minimal price. This has greatly helped past students coming in from around the UK or abroad. For more information about staying in the centre visit our accommodations page.

Q: Can I visit your centre?

We frequently run "Try Us" sessions where prospective students may test our Vinyasa Flow style and meet the YogaLondon team. Visit the Try Us Evening page for more details.

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