We can’t wait to welcome you back!

We can't wait to welcome you back!

As we prepare to reopen our doors to all students in April, we wanted to share with you our updated covid-19 health and safety measures.

Throughout this pandemic, the safety of our students and teachers has always been our number one priority. This will remain true as we slowly reopen our school for in-person training in April 2021.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to follow best practice and governmental guidance in the months to come.

Our Health and Safety measures

We are following best practices and government guidelines as they publish them. The current health and safety measures we have adopted include:

  • Reduced maximum class size to ensure there is adequate spacing between yoga mats;
  • Increased access to hand sanitation within the studios;
  • Changes to the school syllabus, including no hands-on adjustments or other touching;
  • No use of shared studio mats, blocks, blankets, straps, and any other communal equipment;
  • No sharing of personal mats, blocks, blankets, straps, and any other personal equipment;
  • Reduced access to communal facilities such as lockers, changing rooms, and showers in studios that have them;
  • The use of face-masks in common areas (but not during classes) when distancing measures are in place;
  • “Bubbles within bubbles” working together when required, always observing social distancing guidelines. This enables us to limit even further any close contacts between students;
  • Access to classes via Live Stream to enable students who are shielding or self isolating to participate remotely;
  • A clear policy encouraging anyone feeling unwell to stay home and self-isolate.
  • Our free course transfer policy, which will still apply during this transitional period.

Our Live Stream Option

We believe in-person training is best and are excited to welcome students back into the classroom. However, we understand that some students may not be able to return to in-person studies straight away. That’s why we’re continuing our Live Stream option.

The aim of Live Stream is to enable students who are shielding, self-isolating or otherwise unable to attend in-person classes due to the pandemic to continue their studies uninterrupted.

While there are some limitations on which classes can be completed in this way, the aim is to minimise disruption to student’s learning and to give our students control over their learning environment.

Covid testing for students

As we are an independent training provider within adult vocational training, we are not part of the nationwide school testing program.

However, we strongly advise our students to use the free Lateral Flow Tests available through their local authority before attending each training weekend. This helps detect asymptomatic cases before we arrive in the classroom together.


If you have any questions about your training course and the return to in-person learning, just get in touch and a member of the team will assist you.


We’re excited to see you very soon 🙏


Update on our DEI action plan – December 2020

Update on our DEI action plan - December 2020

We would like to update our community about our DEI plan’s progress, challenges and next steps.




  • Started training the team
    We took some time to reflect on the feedback from our community and to educate ourselves on anti-racism, and on the broader issue of intersectionality. As we believe in expert training ourselves, we appointed a DEI consultant, Dr Stacie CC Graham, to support us on our journey. She guided our faculty of teachers and HQ team through self-paced learning, online and a full day in-person, to enable us to better understand intersectional issues across our society and industry. We will keep sharing on this topic, on a semi-formal basis over the coming months.
  • Gained a deeper understanding of our community
    We believe it is important for us to understand how our community reflects the diversity of the London population; to this extent, we ran a survey covering our graduates, students, team and broader community. We got hundreds of responses, which helped make our sample statistically significant – so thank you. We are now using this data as our start point to measure our progress as we work next year. This will give us a clear measure for whether the work we are doing has an impact or not in 2021.
  • Audited our website and other comms channels’ imagery
    Whilst we want to authentically reflect our community, we also want to clearly demonstrate that we welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We will continue to feature members of our community in our content, and will update our website regularly when we have new photography of recent graduates.
  • Reviewed our recruitment processes and team salary structure
    To ensure they were fair and non discriminatory in any way. We also became an accredited Living Wage Employer, a guarantee that we pay our team members a fair salary for their work.
  • Agreed to support an industry-wide audit
    We signed up to the industry research spearheaded by Hotpod Yoga, to find out more about disparities and injustices in our industry – with a broader sample of respondents. The project was delayed due to the recent national lockdown, but we’re hoping it will restart in Q1 2021.



  •  Creating new CPDs specifically aimed at targeting unconcious bias and discrimination in yoga
    We want our curriculum to truly reflect the needs of under-represented communities, and as such it means appointing trainers that have an in-depth knowledge of these issues. They have been difficult to come by (so if you’re one of them, please get in touch) but we think we will be in a position to deliver this action by the Summer.
  • Our aggressive timeline
    Our previous action timeline proved totally unattainable… Which even our DEI consultant flagged! We want to be faster in delivering our DEI initiatives, but the honest truth is that we’re a small team balancing the needs of a school and our students during trying times. We need to allow ourselves to take the time to deliver this plan well, as opposed to rushing it.



  • Focus our support on 2 social justice causes
    We’ve asked our faculty of teachers and HQ team, and the causes we have decided to focus on for 2021 are:
          – Racial and ethnic discrimination
          – Poverty and low income
  • Find partners to launch initiatives with
    Our DEI plan will be iterative, and we want to appoint two partners, with whom our school resonates, in order to agree what actions need to be taken at our level to best serve the communities we wish to support – for they are their communities, with specific needs and goals. We have ideas, which we will bring to the table – such as creating a bursary programme or increasing access to yoga classes in underserved London communities. But we want to make sure they’re the right ideas. We will update you once we have found these partners, but if you want to suggest any association or charity, please let us know.
  • Build towards intersectionality
    We recognise that certain individuals face multiple and intersecting forms of structural discrimination, and that here is no singular way of experiencing an injustice. Varied voices and perspectives need to be considered in order to make real, lasting, and equitable change. Throughout this DEI journey and together with our team and partners, we will strive to better understand and consider intersectionality.


Thanks for reading this far, and all the best for 2021!


It’s Our 10th Birthday!

It's Our 10th Birthday!

This week marks 10 years since YogaLondon was born. To celebrate, we’ve reached out to our amazing teachers and HQ team to tell us one thing they’ve learned during their time in the YogaLondon family or in the past decade, and one hope for the future…