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3 Ways Ayurveda can Change your Life

3 Ways Ayurveda can Change your Life

There is a lot to consider when welcoming Ayurveda into your life. The benefits are substantial and can be different for each person. As with most life-changing practices, at first, the benefits will be subtle. For example, you may feel fresher and lighter because you began drinking warm water (rather than cold). And while the mind might not yet be still enough to make the connection as to why you feel better, innately, you begin building trust with your practice. Over time, the connection becomes more obvious and the benefits become deeper. Ayurveda has the capacity to make a difference a difference on multiple levels, let’s take a look at three ways in which it can change your life.


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Ayurveda: Controlling the Chaos

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There can be so much chaos in our outer and inner worlds. It can be overwhelming, confusing, depressing, and frustrating. And while we cannot fully control what happens outside of us, we can control what happens inside of us.

It is through Ayurveda we are taught how to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. It patiently guides us and opens a gateway to our true nature by honoring our connection to the cosmos and recognizing the different forms and energies which we are comprised. (more…)

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One Weekend Workshop to up your skills

Ayurveda: “What’s a ‘dosha’ and what are the 20 Qualities?”

Ayurveda Series and Dosha Balancing

Ayurveda is a time-tested, holistic healing practice from India where each person’s health concerns and goals are evaluated based on an individual basis. It focuses on longevity, rejuvenation, self-realization, and liberation.

Ayurveda empowers you to become one with your health by recommending personalized diet, lifestyle, exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation, herbs, and bodywork choices that are best for your dosha, your stage of life and the season. (more…)

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