Sun Salutations: A 9-Step Beginners Routine with Surprising Results!

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All About Sun Salutations

As you’re starting out, yoga can be a little overwhelming for many people. I’d recommend beginning your yoga journey by trying a few Sun Salutations, which will give you a great foundation on which to build a regular practice. On it’s own this sequence is a fully comprehensive workout with a multitude of benefits such as targeting and toning muscle groups and increasing blood circulation. (more…)

Spicing Made Simple (and Stuffed Chicken Recipe!)

Spicing Made Simple (and Stuffed Chicken Recipe!)

A nutritious and delicious meal stuffed with protein and veggies. I love finding and creating recipes to my liking and making them as healthy and flavourful as possible. I used to eat plain grilled chicken for lunch and dinner when I was bodybuilding. I thought I needed to sacrifice eating delicious foods to look good on stage. Eating an entire year this way was so plain and dull that I needed to spice it up.


The Absolute Beginners Guide to Yoga

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Yoga

There are a lot of reasons people say that yoga isn’t for them. They may say the’yre too inflexible, maybe not fit enough, a bit too old, worried about the balancing or afraid of making a fool of themselves. Well, the good news is that none of that matters! Yoga is for all shapes and sizes and it’s never too late to start! (more…)

Sally Schofield

Vinyasa Your Anxiety Away

Have you ever felt this anxiety?

Anxiety sucks. It dries out my mouth, it gives me stomach cramps and it makes me SO irritable. Anxiety affects us all differently and for different reasons, but the common denominator in this tale is, we all suffer from anxiety. (more…)

What Is This Yoga Thing Anyway?

Your cat doing yoga

Starting yoga is easily the hardest part of any yogi’s journey. For every serene and impossibly bendy ‘success story’ there are hundreds of people at the very beginning of their exploration of yoga feeling a little bemused. These people may already have ventured into a few classes. They might be studying pictures of yoga poses with intrigue, apprehension, or probably both, while they wonder how they’ll ever choose what kind of yoga class they want to go to. (more…)

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