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11 Poses That Work Better When They’re Together!

11 Poses That Work Better When They're Together!

Cardio, Workout, and Yoga… by mixing supsersets with yoga we can create the ultimate hybrid routine. That’s why it’s called ‘super’!

If you tried out the Chest and Tricep Flow you’ll have already experienced a little preview of this week’s flow at the end, when going from Plank to Side Plank. That is an example of a super set. If you’re wondering, what exactly is a super set, allow me to break it down for you. (more…)

These 6 Poses Make An Indispensable Core Workout

These 6 Poses Make An Indispensable Core Workout

Abs, core or midsection — whatever you call it, it should never be forgotten!

You guessed it, this week we’re looking at core strength, focusing on the many layers of your abdomen. Before we jump straight in, let’s take a quick look at what it is we’re working out. There are six core muscles going from your naval all the way back to your spine. (more…)

5 Simple Poses to Strong Shoulders

5 Simple Poses to Strong Shoulders

Trying to work on your arm balances and inversions? Strong, stable, sexy shoulders are key, so we’re focussing on poses that will build them up!

This week we are working on our shoulders with five simple poses that are sure to leaving you burning. If you do it right, you won’t be able to do your hair the next day! Shoulders is by far my favorite day (closely followed by leg day) both in the gym and on my mat. (more…)

Get That Sexy Back and Biceps With These 7 Poses

Getting a yogic back

This week’s practice is all about back and biceps! For most of the general population we all sit hunched over a computer (as I’m writing this I constantly correct my posture, I get lazy too sometimes), so it’s great to move out of our usual range of movement!