The “Magical Art of Tidying” can help your Yoga

The "Magical Art of Tidying" can help your Yoga

I recently treated myself to the phenomenal global bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, written by Japan’s expert declutterer, Marie Kondo. (more…)

Poppy Pickles

‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters’

‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters’

The yoga of finding joy in the midst of suffering.

The capacity to feel joy is a gift we all possess. You only need hear a baby laugh to know that the ability to be joyful is a natural and innate thing. But, life being life, we all inevitably go through periods where we can lose touch with it, or worse, feel like we’ve forgotten how to feel joyful at all. Suffering is not something we can avoid as humans. (more…)