A Yogi’s Guide to London: July 2016

A Yogi's Guide to London: July 2016

This month’s round-up has a bit of an unintentional theme — we’re calling it, ‘yoga AND…’ because lots of the classes, events and foodie recommendations are combinations, hybrids if you will. The London yoga community is making the most out of it’s practice, adding a twist to tradition and shaking up summer in a fabulous cocktail of peace, and celebration. Well, we needed something to celebrate didn’t we?

London Classes and Workshops

Yoga AND Meditation | On the 2nd of July the Yoga Place are hosting a two-hour workshop focused on slowing down, self-stabilising and simplifying life so that we can immerse ourselves in the joy and light of living. Combining hatha, pranayama and simple meditation techniques to take home and apply to your daily life, the workshop is on a first come first served basis but you can find details here. This class is perfect for anyone looking to reset, enhance their yoga practice and slow down.

orange-juiceYoga AND Juice | Pure, clean and modern this brand new yoga bar in Marylebone offers a variety of yoga classes but more than that it offers an environment where wellbeing can be cultivated, where time no longer feels like a constraint and where post-class fuel is as easy as walking the few steps to the juice bar. Stylish, intimate and very well thought out, the Total Chi Yoga Bar is sure to be a firm summer favourite for yogi’s everywhere – a total haven in the heart of London. Find out more here.

Yoga AND Views | Another event that allows you to experience the beauty, and heritage, of London from a totally new perspective is this sunrise yoga class held 42 metres above the River Thames (that should give you something to focus on during Chair Pose). The next class will be held on the 20th July and starts at 7.30am – rise above rush-hour, inject some energy into your day and gain a little perspective through the glass floors of London’s most famous bridge. You can grab your ticket here.

London Yoga Events

Yoga AND Boxing | Relatively new to the yoga scene, the guys at Yoga-box have already gotten our summer off to a kicking start. They run hybrid classes on a Monday night in Bermondsey where they get your energy flowing and your blood pumping with a mix of boxing techniques and traditional yoga sequences. On the 17th of July, the founders are holding a Brunch Club at 100 Islington where you’ll enjoy a 60-minute Yoga Box class before sitting down to a delicious healthy brunch, fresh juices and the opportunity to chat everything yoga. You can reserve your place here.

dance-or-yogaYoga AND Dancing | Uplifting, educational and totally free, this master class at the British Museum will be hosted by monks from Majuli Island and will give you the opportunity to gain insight into a culture that places music, dance and personal wellbeing at it’s centre. Although not specifically yoga, we couldn’t do our July round-up without including this exciting, and enlightening, event held at such a unique venue. This is the first tour ever in the UK and promises to be an event of drama, dance song and a special form of choreographed yoga. Register to be part of the party here.

Yoga AND a Gong Bath | Just because we live in a bustling metropolis doesn’t mean there is no where to escape into nature and appreciate the evening air far away from the buzz of business. This magical evening, Midsummer Night’s New Moon Retreat will be held at a secret location on Hampstead Heath and include. Though technically it is in August (the 2nd), places will fill up quickly so we wanted to give you a heads start in reserving your spot. Expect 15 minutes of pranayama’s, an hour of vinyasa yoga and a powerful gong bath before settling down under the stars for a well-deserved supper. Sign up here.

Yoga AND Family | Get the whole family up, out and involved in your practice with this yoga workshop for all ages. The event will take place on the 3rd of July, with one class taking place in the morning and one just after lunch at the Yoga Place E2 in Bethnal Green. Bond with one another and make friends while you engage in yoga, meditation and relaxation that has been specially designed to be accessible for all ages. Children are our future and yoga is our past, there is nothing more powerful than combining the two and passing on life-saving, and life-enhancing, practices and techniques. Grab tickets for your loved ones here.

Yoga and Food

food-salad-restaurant-personYoga AND Brunch | Brunch has been a big deal this year – the city has gone brunch mad, from the bottomless to the bizarre and yogis needn’t make the choice between their practice and their palettes.  Held at the well-known, Detox Kitchen, the class – Fundamentals of Inversions – will be followed by a delicious healthy brunch. Moving into inversions can be challenging but this hour long class is an intensive intro into the world of headstands, handstands and forearm stands. All levels will be catered for in this invigorating class. Only 12 people are able to attend so make sure you book your spot here.

Yoga AND Iced Tea | A firm British favourite, there is nothing quite like settling down with an earthy cup of warm tea after practice – expect perhaps, in summer. Don’t fear tea lovers, we’ve got you covered. The Fine Life have brought out a tea infuser which makes perfect loose leaf iced tea to cool off after a sweaty summer practice, or just to impress your friends with at a barbeque. Just fill the infuser, add boiling water (and syrup if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, like us) and simply hold the infuser over an ice filled glass. Grab your own infuser here and make sure you’ve got your summer tea fix, our favourite flavours are the Ginseng Lemon Green Tea and Bombay Chai.

Yoga AND Creativity | Okay, we know that neither of those things are technically to do with food but The Canvas café and creative venue (just off Brick Lane) adds healthy, homemade and ethically sourced dishes into the equation. Catering for our physical and emotional wellbeing, The Canvas have made sure not to forget our stomachs and serve a selection of colourful salads, sandwiches and cakes as well as their signature vegan Freakshakes. Visit them here.

As always, If you are attending any events or classes that you think should be on this list, or have a delicious recipe you want to share, please do let us know by tweeting us at @yoga_london.

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