Hindu History, Text and Philosophy - OCHS Online Courses

This exciting course will delve into issues that are equally important to both yoga students and yoga teachers. During this seven-week course, you will be addressing a wide range of topics from the history of Hinduism, the spiritual and religious practices of Hinduism, as well as the philosophies and literature of Hindu Dharma, not to mention a breakdown of what exactly is meant by the term ‘Hindu Dharma’. If you need a course that addresses introductory concepts of Hinduism and analyzes how Hindu identity is evolving both traditionally and in the modern world, this is the course for you.

Here is an overview of the seven sessions:

  • Session One: In this introductory session, we’ll be reviewing what it means to be a Hindu and how the Hindu identity has evolved over the years.
  • Session Two: You will explore the origins of Hinduism in this session. You’ll be examining the historical development of Hinduism and how the history has affected both belief and practice.
  • Session Three: Around 2,000 years ago, some new forms of Hinduism developed; we will take a look at how and why they came to be. During this session we will also have an opportunity to reflect on how colonial rule affected Hinduism.
  • Session Four: In this session we will consider the important role of scripture in Hinduism, examining the four Vedas and the revelation of religion within them.
  • Session Five: Continuing on the importance of Hindu texts from the previous session, we will be studying the Upanishads as well as other important religious texts that have shaped Hinduism.
  • Session Six: There are six schools of thought behind Indian philosophy. In this class we will be reviewing those schools, otherwise known as ‘shad-darshana’.
  • Session Seven: Aptly, we will spend the last class reflecting on the pursuit of liberation from rebirth as discussed and postulated in Hindu teachings through the practice of worship and devotion.