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About Marta

Marta grew up in Italy, living between Milan and Umbria. Even as a young girl, she had a bigger vision and wanted to see more, do more, learn more. She moved to London in 1994 and studied at the University of Westminster, focusing on foreign language and politics. She spent time in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic studying political systems and federalism. At the time, these countries were still exotic places recovering from the effects of the Cold War.

After graduating, she wasn’t sure what to do for work, so she did a Masters of Science at the London School of Economics. Before she graduated, she was offered a position at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. She worked for the Bank for over 15 years, working on environmental support and sustainable energy.

Years after she started in corporate life, she began hearing an internal voice that ran on a loop, repeating, “This is not you. This is not you.” Unsure of what was missing, her body began to show signs of stress from her intense corporate life. A close friend suggested she tag along to yoga class, but she wasn’t interested. When she finally succumbed and attended a yoga class, she felt right at home. The teacher, the physical practice, all of it struck a chord deep within her.

After the birth of her first child, she continued with her practice, sporadically. Fitting in a class or two here and there, learning what it meant to do yoga beyond the physical practice. When her second child was born, it took another seven months before she could return to the mat, but when she did, the yoga spark turned into a fire. She integrated her long-standing meditation practice in with her physical practice. She committed herself to a yoga course in Bali with Dharma Mittra and simultaneously signed up for the YogaLondon 200-hour course.

Marta has a long list of trainings; YogaLondon, Dharma Mittra, numerous trips to Bali to train with Denise Payne as well as the Energy Master and Brahmin Priest, Ratu Bagus, staying several times in his ashram. She’s 100 hours away from her 500-hour certification and serves as Course Leader for YogaLondon on the 200-hour course.

Marta continues to work on environmental and sustainable energy projects around the world, most recently for 14 months in Asia. She sees her yoga and her environmental work as one line of thinking, a connection between people and the environment. Her corporate work is infused from her yogic perspective, which allows her to be a positive change in this world, both internally and externally. She’s not only a valuable asset to YogaLondon, but she’s a yogic ambassador in the corporate world!