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About Corrie

young age began following her dancing dreams by attending a theatrical boarding school. When she was 16, she moved to London to follow her stage dreams and went to Arts Chiswick, a full-time drama school, where she merged her love of dance with her true passion, singing, into musical theatre.

After nearly a decade of working in the West End and overseas, she decided she wanted to exchange her high-octane life for something calmer and less competitive. She shifted into the wellness industry and completed a qualification to become a Pilates teacher. Soon after she began teaching Pilates, she noticed that many clients were coming to lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness, so she took on additional studies and became a personal trainer.

Two years after completing trainings in Pilates and as a personal trainer, she began to feel that both were focusing solely on aesthetics; whereas she herself wanted to go deeper and find more meaning. Through her ongoing yoga practice, she had found these ideals for herself and now wanted to share them with her clients.

Corrie started practicing yoga when she was 16, when, as a student, she stumbled upon a deal at a Bikram studio to practice 20 days for 20 pounds. She loved the yoga but hated the heat, so she found some yoga DVD’s and discovered Nicky Doone, a teacher living in Hawaii who embodied a life of health, freedom and spirituality. She continued practicing during her theatre years and thereafter when she was working as a personal trainer and Pilates teacher.

After some years, it occurred to Corrie that becoming a yoga teacher would complete the picture for her. As a Pilates teacher, she could help with injury management and stability. As a personal trainer, she could focus on weight management, strength, agility and cardio-vascular health. With yoga, she could share the concept of mind-body connection and overall holistic wellness.

She signed up for a 200-hour course with YogaLondon and completed her training in 2012. She had a foot in the door from teaching private clients, so for her, it was an easy transition to begin offering yoga to her clients. She began with private clients and moved on to teaching in several studios and gyms.

Corrie completed her 500-hours with YogaLondon after she’d been living outside of London for a year and needed to update her yoga skills and re-establish her yoga network. After completing the Dharma/Teacher Module (no longer on offer), the Anatomy Module and the Philosophy Module, she was then accepted on the Apprentice Module. She has seen YogaLondon from all angles, as a student, as an apprentice and as a teacher.

Committed to ongoing study, Corrie is currently undertaking an integrated degree and masters in Osteopathy and seeks to marry these new skills with her current knowledge, to give a complete circle of care to her students.

Corrie’s been teaching for YogaLondon since 2015. She specialises in anatomy and leads modules on the 500-hr courses. Her broad skill set allows her to cater to a wide range of students, and her vibrant personality and days as an actress are still very much a part of her, evident in her teaching style and her infectious personality. We’re delighted to have her on the YogaLondon team.