About Deepti

When Deepti began attending boarding school as a young child in India, she could choose either running or yoga for her 6am morning practice. As an 8-year old, she reasoned that falling asleep on her mat at the end of yoga was better than a run. Eventually, she grew to appreciate more than savasana, and would fearlessly execute headstands and handstands, demonstrating these poses during school assemblies. She remembers the joy of discovering how capable her body was, and even now attributes some of her ease in asanas with muscle memory developed during her childhood.

In her early twenties, Deepti moved to London and decided to take up yoga in order to stay fit. She found a class at a local gym with a teacher who was able to convey what yoga was beyond an asana practice. Thanks to this teacher, she became more and more attached to yoga, and began to think about doing a Teacher Training. When her teacher went off on holiday, she was replaced by a substitute, a woman by the name of Rebecca Ffrench.

Rebecca was beginning YogaLondon's first Teacher Training and Deepti signed up immediately. Her focus was on expanding her own practice, not to become a teacher, because she was content with her NGO work. However, shortly after the course, Rebecca asked if Deepti wanted to apprentice with her. Within two months, Deepti had quit her full-time job, was apprenticing with Rebecca and teaching at various gyms, doing private classes and one-on-one sessions.

Deepti has completed additional study since her initial teacher training, including courses on pre and post-natal yoga. She's done intensive study on the Yoga Sutras with the Krishnamacharya Mandiram in Chennai, India. She has also taken a course on Yoga Nidra with the Bihar School of Yoga.

Thanks to her schooling, Deepti is fluent in Sanskrit, which helps enormously when she teaches YogaLondon's Yoga Sutras and Chanting course. Her understanding of context and nuances within Sanskrit made her a natural fit for teaching this module on the 200-hour course.

Deepti is also our Director of Teacher Training for 1-year courses and helps students navigate the course-work, exams and any concerns that may arise. She also teaches on the 500-hour advanced courses. When Deepti she's not teaching yoga or doing consulting work for charities, she's busy researching what Joss Whedon will come up with next...