About Lucinda

Regardless of the medium, whatever Luci has touched, she’s ended up teaching. From photography to mixed media, textiles to fruit picking, she’s always ended up as a teacher. The same was true after she encountered yoga, even though that came much later in her life.

Luci grew up in Sussex and traveled a lot when she was a child. Her Mother was always taking her to galleries; surrounded and immersed in art from a very young age, art became a thread in Luci’s life and it manifested in a range of media. Her photography took her all over the world for more than a decade; including a post running a photography department at an art college.

Luci is proof that yoga starts at any age. She began practicing after receiving a book about natural healing on her 40th birthday. The book included a 12-week Iyengar based course that taught most of the foundational asana poses, including the Sanskrit names and what the poses were good for. When she first tried a class, it was a Sivanada class, and she practiced there until the teacher moved away. After a few months of self-practice, she holidayed at YogaPlus in Crete, and began practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa. In a few years, she would find herself teaching.

A couple of years after that infamous yoga book landed in her lap, Luci travelled in India for 3 months, studying with various teachers including Emil Wendel in Goa and Sheshadri in Mysore. Following that, she taught drawing at Purple Valley as well as at Yoga Plus, the location of her first yoga retreat. When she returned to London, she began teaching art at a Central London school and soon became Head of Department.

After a decade of practicing yoga, she knew she had to take a 200-hour teacher training course in order to pass on the practice that she loves. She decided to commit to the next one she found, and the following week, a YogaLondon email landed in her inbox. She completed the YogaLondon 1-year course with Rahoul and Deepti in 2013. Within a couple years, she knew she wanted and needed more, so she did an apprenticeship under Rahoul. She is now Course Leader on the 1-year 200-hour course.

For Luci, art and yoga fit well together – she finds that drawing from the environment is a meditative process, bringing the present moment into focus, allowing random thoughts to drop away. The mind and body settle and sketching becomes a meditation. Being taught by Luci is similar to this sensation: outside distractions drop away and an inner stillness takes over.