About Francesca

Ever since Francesca was young, she’s been asking, ‘who are we’, ‘why are we here’, ‘what’s my purpose’? When she found yoga, in her late 20’s, after five years of White Crane Kung Fu and Thai Chi, it all began to connect for her, as she continued her journey beyond physical practice into self-discovery. She started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa with Jess Glenny and Rachel Barlow whilst developing a dedicated self-practice and self-study at home. Over the years she’s attended various workshops with David Swenson, John Scott, Ray Long, and Emma Henry.

Francesca grew up in Milan where she studied Art and Photography and then moved to London in her early 20’s. She went back to Italy when invited to the Benetton’s Centre for Communication called ‘Fabrica’. For a year she worked with Oliviero Toscani and amazing young artists from all over the world. When she moved back to London in 2000, she started a multi-media company with her partner called ‘Cacao’. Using their skills in design, photography and video, they worked on social documentation and educational projects that addressed the needs of clients and/or the local community. They saw creativity as a way to empower others, share, explore and grow through the universal language of visual communication.

Since the very beginning ‘Cacao’ has had a strong commitment of working with young people facing challenging circumstances. In 2005 Francesca was offered to run the Art & Design department in Abbey Manor College, a Pupil Referral Unit based in South East London for students outside of mainstream education. She has been teaching there ever since and was nominated as a finalist in the Teaching Award 2010, whilst developing personal photographic projects to continue nurturing her passion.

As yoga became a mainstay in her life, she began looking for training that would help advance her philosophical knowledge and experience of yoga. She found YogaLondon and signed up for a 1-year 200-hr training completing her course in June 2014. She then started teaching, sharing her passion for yoga by offering private and local classes in South East London.

Since Francesca began training, she hasn’t stopped. In autumn 2014, she trained with TeenYoga to extend her knowledge and share yoga with her students at school in an effort to improve resilience and moods, giving her students the tools to deal with stress and self-regulation. She has been running classes twice weekly since then, with the aim to expose the students to a peaceful space where they can feel nurtured and heard on a more subtle level. Francesca has found that yoga exposes them to alternative ways of looking at life whilst having time off from daily pressures, allowing them to exist in their bodies in a more conscious way.

In 2015 she embarked on her Advanced Teacher Training journey with YogaLondon completing the Body Module, which deepened her knowledge of advanced asana and anatomy. After that, the Philosophy Module nurtured her earning for deeper philosophical thought and understanding. In January 2016 she started the Apprentice Module, under the guidance Rahoul Masrani for one year. As a keen student, she is enthusiastic about how much there is to learn in this yoga/life journey. Francesca’s next step will be to undertake the Facilitator Training for Yoga Nidra with Uma Dismore-Tuli, to widen the spectrum of nourishing experiences she can offer to her students.

Francesca began teaching for YogaLondon in late 2016 and has become a dear and trusted teacher. Her forthcoming openness about her journey, her discoveries and philosophical inquiry appeal to her students, as well as her humble and modest nature. Her sense of humor is the icing on the cake! We’re delighted to have her on the teaching team.