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About Chloe

Chloe grew up in the Midlands and took an early interest in science and the body. Though she considered a career in optometry or as a doctor, after needing physio in her teenage years, she was excitedly drawn to training as a licensed physiotherapist.

During her training in Wales, it was easy to add-on some Pilates training; while she wasn’t drawn to Pilates, it allowed her to explore other forms, including yoga.

Chloe never considered herself flexible enough for yoga. She enjoyed a weekly yoga classes, but it wasn’t until a two-week course on an island off the coast of Honduras that she really fell in love with yoga. There she learned Ashtanga Yoga from a reputable teacher and connected with the mind-body emphasis.

Once she finished that course, she knew a yoga teacher training was next. She didn’t necessarily want to become a yoga teacher, she simply wanted deeper access to the aspects of yoga that had such a deep impact on her. She went to India and completed her TTC in Rishikesh in January of 2015. When she returned to England, she knew she had to share the practice of yoga.

In March of 2015, she moved to London and gave herself three months to try yoga teaching. She committed herself to spending a set sum of money and booked a hall in Balham. Her close friends and family showed up for those early classes, but slowly and surely, she began developing a consistent group of students.

Those early days of teaching yoga were intense. Learning not personalize small class sizes, learning how to expand her clientele, learning the marketing and business aspects of yoga teaching. Years later, she’s teaching five different classes a week in addition to her work as a Physio.

For Chloe, one of the most important aspects is how her work as a Physio and as a Yoga Teacher co-exist. She loves being able to impart anatomy knowledge to her students, and she deeply enjoys being able to use yoga stretches for her physio clientele. Yoga doesn’t separate the mind body and breath connection, and more and more she’s seeing how the scientific field is catching up with what yoga has addressed for hundreds of years. While scans and medical tests can produce one result, the information one’s own body imparts can be healed with the practice of yoga.

Chloe teaches anatomy on both the 200-hr courses as well as on the pregnancy yoga teacher training courses. We are thrilled to have her as part of our teaching team.