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About Anna

Many yogis are concerned that they are “too old”. Whether they think 60 is too old, or 40 is too old, many of us think a yoga teacher is supposed to look like “x” and that a teacher training is only for 20-somethings. This is simply not the case.

Anna Ferla embarked on her 200-hr teacher training when she was 41. She became a certified Pre Natal Yoga Teacher in 2014 at the age of 47. Yoga teachers come in all shapes and sizes, and all ages too.

Anna grew up in the North of Italy, learning to climb, ski, and hike all over the Alps where her parents and grandparents lived. She was in Scouts until the age of 20 and loved the outdoors and living a healthy, active life. After meeting her English husband in Italy, they spent several years living in Germany, France and Italy before moving to London in 1999. Once in London, Anna completed a Masters degree in Market Research and became a Full-time lecturer at South Bank University.

After her first son was born, she began suffering from post-natal depression. A close friend suggested yoga and after a few classes, she found that it was transforming her life. She religiously committed to attending yoga class every week and was able to move through her depression without medication.

Nine years ago, her dedicated yoga teacher suggested she become a yoga teacher. Though she thought she might be too old, she went on to train with TriYoga. As she began to teach, many of her first students were mums from the local school. One after another, her students would become pregnant and she would scramble to adjust for them. Aware that her knowledge for teaching pregnant mums was shaky, Anna enroled in YogaLondon’s Pre and Post Natal Teacher Training Course. She’s since become an ardent advocate for Pre and Post Natal yoga, sharing how it transformed her depression and can help with the physical and mental symptoms that arise during pregnancy.

Anna has over 16 years of practice, works full-time as a yoga teacher, covers for other Pre Natal teachers and also finds time to volunteer for the British Wheel of Yoga (we didn’t even address that she’s a mum to two boys!!). We are fortunate to have her compassion and wisdom on our Pregnancy Course.