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About Christine

“Any situation or place where you’re tangled up in your emotions is a great place for learning. “ Christine Grabowska, Midwife

The year was 1978 and Christine was in training to become a nurse. She was completing a 12-week placement at a maternity ward and was horrified at how the women were treated. Then two years later, as part of her midwifery training, she was assigned to a home birth at a squat in Camden.

She walked into the woman’s home and she was surprised to see that the woman’s friends and family members were present for the birth. The midwife assigned Christine to the labouring woman while she herself tended to the friends and family. The woman laboured, full of power, pain and the glory of birth. At one point, the woman stood up, fully naked, and in that moment, Christine realized the extent of her own embarrassment and discomfort, her own internal limitations about the birthing process. The birth continued naturally and a beautiful baby boy was born. That woman turned out to be Christine’s greatest teacher; fostering her true calling as a midwife.

Christine was born, raised and educated in London and presently resides in Hampton Hill. She received a BSc in Social Science and Administration from the London School of Economics and an MSc in Medical Sociology from the Royal Holloway College. She has worked as a midwife since 1981 and received her teaching qualification from Surrey University in 1990. She currently teaches at the University of West London, and is linked to Chelsea Hospital, Westminister Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital.

Christine has an insatiable thirst for learning and discovery and has completed a Licentuate in Acupuncture from The British College of Acupuncture, a Licentuate in Oriental Herbalism from The London College of Tradiaitonal Accupuncture as well as a diploma in caniosacral therapy from The College of Craniosacral Therapy.

In addition, she’s worked and trained overseas. She spent weeks at Ina May Gaskin’s Farm in Tennessee, a world-renowned center for Midwifery. She’s lectured at the Beijing Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology and The London College of Traditional Accupuncture, whilst at the same time giving papers at UK conferences. Lastly, she’s been a featured keynote speaker for midwives in Chongqing, China.

She has been present at over 750 births and believes– “the greatest teachers you can have are pregnant women… if you take the time to be with them. “