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About Tabitha

Tabitha grew up in Buckinghamshire, about 40 minutes outside of London. What sets Tabitha apart is her inquisitive, endlessly interested, constantly curious brain. By the time Tabitha was 14, she knew she would study classics at university. She was proficient in Latin and drawn to Greek and Roman history with a special interest in Greek philosophy.

During her years at uni, as life and studies became intense, she received a piece of advice from her dad which changed her life. “Try Yoga” he told her. At that exact time, a Bikram studio had recently opened up next to Tabitha’s uni. For the next year, Tabitha was a Bikram yogi. Every day she’d turn up to the local studio, do the poses, sweat through the heat, and leave class feeling like she’d found a piece of her that had been missing.

After uni, she moved to London and switched from Bikram to Vinyasa. Having been a competitive dancer growing up, she found Vinyasa classes were a perfect fit. After practicing yoga for three years, she embarked on a teacher training with YogaLondon in October of 2017. She experienced the same feelings most students have: ‘Am I good enough?’ and ‘Have I practiced long enough?’ Tabitha didn’t have a strong passion for teaching, rather, her curiousity about yoga, interest in developing a self-practice and the opportunity to study yoga history and philosophy was her driving motivation.

Tabitha’s 6-month YogaLondon teacher training course changed her relationship with yoga and cemented it as an integral piece of her life. With her dance background, the teacher-training course allowed her to let go of the competitive nature she’d developed. She felt as though the course had given her a gift she hadn’t known she needed.

Three months into her training, she learned of the opportunity to work with YogaLondon. She had a background in working one-on-one with people in her previous occupation, and the YL position combined Tabitha’s love of yoga with her ease in helping people. We are delighted to have her (and her brain!) on our team.