About Jo

“I’m Jo... I teach...it's fun!” says Jo, which belies how energetic, fun and knowledgeable she truly is. There’s no denying her glow and effervescent energy coupled with down-to-earth easiness. And yet, she has had her share of mental health challenges and struggles; all of which makes her an incredibly well rounded Course Leader and yoga teacher.

Jo grew up in Guilford, Surrey, and was introduced to yoga when she was quite young, in 6th form. Her mum also did yoga and whenever Jo wandered away from yoga, her parents would encourage her to practice again; it was always the highlight of her week.

Jo moved to London when she was 19 to attend Central School of Speech and Drama. Within a year she transferred to Exeter Uni to pursue her drama degree in directing. Rather than being satisfied with her theatre classes, she was always most excited about her movement classes.

Back in London after uni to pursue her directing career, she obtained a day job in the charity sector. That job allowed her to sign up for her first yoga teacher training. After completing her teacher training, she was hired as an assistant director for a theatre production. During the show, she couldn’t wait for it to be over. When the job finished, she said goodbye to the theatre and hello to her yoga career.

Jo has done all of her training with YogaLondon. She recalls fondly that her YL training felt inclusive and encouraging, something she strives to emulate as Course Leader. During her own training, she began to emerge from her shell, gaining confidence and courage. After her TTC, she continued her studies with the pregnancy teacher training and one of our older modules, the Dharma Module.

Jo teaches 10 classes during the weekdays, Postnatal Courses, then transforms into Course Leader for YogaLondon on the weekends. She finds teaching on the training courses incredibly gratifying. She delights in the myriad of backgrounds students come from, but most especially the questions they ask which spark her own natural curiousity. She didn’t realize in the beginning how amazing her yoga career would be; yoga heightens her natural joy and has transformed her life.