About India

When India was growing up in Wigan, her main interest (aside from boys!) was film. With one cinema in town, she would frequently attend and watch film after film after film. An avid reader, she began reading at a uniquely young age, immersing herself in Enid Blyton books and the Harry Potter series (she even has a lightning bolt tattoo). She made up plays and productions with her friends and became a fantastic storyteller. It was no surprise when she chose film theory as her course of study at Manchester University.

After she graduated in 2012, India moved straight to London. Thinking she’d find a job in media or journalism, she was offered a position with BBC Worldwide, packaging media and sending it out to playout facilities. After some years, she switched to another media company, but her yoga interests began to affect her job. She would come back late from lunch (yoga class!) or leave work early (another yoga class!). Soon enough, she quit her job and used her savings to embark on a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

India’s interest in yoga had started at age 15 with a Barbara Currie yoga dvd she found in a bargin bin. Being left-handed, she’d never been good at sport, so yoga really appealed to her. Whilst working on her dissertation at uni, she found herself doing yoga more regularly and quickly noticed a difference within herself. She started attending a hot yoga class and later found a brilliant Vinyasa teacher. She had practiced for three years before leaving for Rishikesh in 2017.

After her teacher training course she thought, ‘right, now I have to be a yoga teacher’ and realised it does NOT necessarily work like that. She knew yoga was what she wanted, but didn’t know exactly how it could materialise in her life. Six months after her training in Rishikesh, she randomly applied for an outreach job with YogaLondon without realising a position had just opened up!

One year after joining YogaLondon, India chose to repeat her 200-hour training with YogaLondon. Though she loved her training in India, after her first weekend on the course, she felt she learnt more than during her month-long Indian course. Her YogaLondon teacher training began June 2019 and she’ll finish October of 2019.

India continues to develop her creative prowess and recently made a full-length film, a comedy mockumentary, with her partner. We’re delighted to have her talents and her charming personality helping students understand the YogaLondon enrolment journey. She’s a skilled and empathic yogi and delights in each person’s personal journey.