Earn as You Learn

We take pride in being a world-class yoga training school, right in the heart of London.

YogaLondon students can start teaching public classes mid-way through their training course. This presents an extraordinary opportunity to gain teaching experience while you are continuing your education, and offers an opportunity for the training to pay for itself. Teaching is made possible with "Student Teacher" insurance.

  • The Yoga-Link insurance policy is valid internationally
  • Student Teachers can teach an unlimited amount of classes per week.
  • Student Teachers must present themselves to the class as a "teacher in training"
  • Student Teachers must only teach and practice those techniques learnt thus far in training (Modified Primary Exam Sequence and derivatives).
  • The current cost of Trainee Teacher insurance begins at £30.49.

For more information about Yoga Trainee Insurance, please ring YogaLondon at 020 3286 2534 or contact us.

200-hour videos

200-hour videos