Yoga Alliance Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

The most valuable tool for your yoga teacher toolkit.

The Most Valuable Tool

This certificate is perhaps the most valuable tool in your 'yoga teacher toolkit'. Think about it - who comes to a typical yoga class? Nine times out of ten it's female students between 25-45 years old. That's when many women are choosing to have a family, which means you need to be ready to adapt. Whether you're looking to hold specialist pregnancy classes or you want to integrate expectant mums into general class, this course is for you.

Precious Cargo

Pregnant women can set off alarm bells in a yoga teacher's head... After all, there's precious cargo onboard! So let's get you feeling confident. We'll train you in the varied physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood. We then build upon this with a selection of set sequences that are easily adaptable. Plenty of teaching practice allows you to hone your new skills, so that you are ready to take them into the yoga studio.

Pay As You Go

We're committed to keeping training accessible. Course fees are spread into monthly instalments of just £125 per month. Contact us or call 020 3286 2534 for more information.

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