Yoga Alliance Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Increase your teaching skills and participate in the miracle of life.

The Pregnancy Journey

Our Pregnancy Teacher Training consists of 1 weekend a month over 4 consecutive months. Establishing the ability to guide pregnant women through this deeply personal journey will be life changing for them and for you. During the course, you’ll learn breathing practices, strengthening asanas and adjustment modifications that will help pregnant women feel a sense of calm, remedies for their physical discomfort as well as tools for them to use during labour. Pregnancy yoga classes have a powerful effect on pregnant women and their unborn babies, but you’ll soon see that the impact these classes have on you as a teacher is profound.

Caring for baby and mama

You’ve likely had the experience of a pregnant woman walking into your regular class and not knowing how best to care for her. The basic tenets of “No twists” and “Go slow” might come back to you from your 200-hour training, but of course there’s so much more. Whether you’re ready to establish your own Pregnancy Yoga classes, or you want to take better care of pregnant women who attend your regular class, this course is for you.

New to YogaLondon?

This course is open to yoga teachers with an existing 200-hour teaching certificate from any school. YogaLondon graduates from the 200-hour or 500-hour course receive a 10% discount to the course. All classes will take place in Central London over the course of 4 weekends spread out over 4 months.

Create an area of specialisation

Several of our graduates began their pregnancy teaching when one of their students became pregnant. They needed to quickly learn new adjustments and find asanas that could accommodate this mama-to-be…does this sound familiar? Whilst the majority of yoga practioners are female, odds are high that this has already happened to you or will someday soon. Having an established teacher-student relationship means that once a student becomes pregnant, they will trust you to guide them during their pregnancy journey. The added bonus is that pregnancy sequences work perfectly as a restorative class!

Monthly Instalments

Additional yoga training should be accessible to all. We offer an opportunity to spread course fees over the span of four months for £150 per month. Contact us or call 020 3286 2534 for more information.


At YogaLondon, we believe in-person training is best.
As a vocational teacher training school operating in covid-secure venues, we are open and delivering our professional training in person.
And if you can’t attend a class, our Live Stream feature is available to you. This learning option enables our students to participate remotely whenever necessary, ensuring they have full control over their training environment.
You can find more information about our covid safety procedures here.

Watch pregnancy videos, find dates for this course, meet the course tutors or download our prospectus for more information.