About Anu

It's not often that a parent's mid-life crisis can change our own lives, but for Anu, our Ayurvedic tutor, that's exactly what happened. Her Dad, deep in mid-life bewilderment, got the book “5 Tibetan Movements” and began doing the poses every morning. Within six months, Anu saw a multitude of changes in him, and knew she needed those changes herself.

Thanks to her Dad, Anu decided to sign up for an Ashtanga yoga class in London. After the class, she went home and slept for 16 hours straight. She knew then that she had to combine Ayurveda and Yoga in order to heal herself.

Anu kept up with her Ashtanga classes and went on to complete a teacher-training course in Ashtanga. She followed that course with a training course in Sivanada yoga. She began practising with notable teachers: Roberta Giannotti from John Scott's lineage and Carla Ricci, from Lino Miele's lineage. She also studied with Manju Jois, Pattabhi Jois' eldest son.

Ayurveda and yoga compliment each other completely. They both aim for liberation, which is ultimately the development of higher consciousness. From the triad of body, mind and soul, yoga is more about mind and soul, whilst Ayurveda is more about body and mind. When Anu teaches Ayurveda, she's conscious about making individual recommendations regarding the style of yoga, as well as personalising pranayama practises.

Ayurveda and yoga is not work for Anu, it's her life. Not only does she keep up her daily yoga practise, and maintain a seasonal, organic, mostly plant-based diet, she integrates all that she's learned into her 3-year old daughter's life. Anu sees how this diet is already benefitting her, and feels grateful that she'll grow up experiencing Ayurveda as something that's as natural as breathing.

Ayurveda is all about creating awareness in your choices, while maintaining moderation. As Anu aptly puts it, 'Enjoy your life. Sometimes that may involve not doing the "right" thing. But if you do 51% right, you're likely going to be ok.'