About Gabriella

From the outset, Gabriella was on a unique path. When her schooling began at St. James, Sanskrit was one of the languages offered and so, at the ripe old age of 5, she began studying Sanskrit. Her parents meditated, so she began meditating herself when she was 7. She started attending philosophy classes at the age of 8. When she was 12, she discovered pop songs, whereas before, she'd only listened to classical music. Quite an auspicious beginning!

When she was 16 years old, she started playing piano and singing. Whether the songs were in English or in Sanskrit, it made no difference. What was important was the expression and the artistry of it, as well as performing in front of an audience, whether friends and family members, or her many pets. She could tell from this early age that a combination of Sanskrit, music, and singing would be her life's work.

During her days at university in Oxford, she began performing as a comedienne and writing musical theatre. She loved the expression and the medium, but her love of Sanskrit was unparalleled, and she continued her studies of the language throughout her university days. Following her time at Oxford, she completed a Masters in Drama at Goldsmiths University. In 2010, she participated in workshops at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris.

One of the most important events for Gabriella was spending two months in India. During her time there, she studied Sanskrit with Swamis. The culture, the education, the environment, all contributed to impact her as a person and a yogi. Since that first trip to India, Gabriella has returned to study Sanskrit at a Gurukulam, where all the students speak in Sanskrit and chant it morning, noon and night, which is akin to paradise for her!

Continuing education is of vital importance for Gabriella, and as such, she aims to qualify to become a voice teacher at Central School of Speech and Drama. She's also keen to complete a PhD on Voice and the study of speech in Sanskrit. If that wasn't enough, she’s also training in The Alexander Technique, which she'll complete in 2018.

Gabriella has been working privately as a Sanskrit tutor for many years in London. She and YogaLondon found each other a year ago, and she's been teaching on our Advanced course ever since. She resides near Hampton Court, with her long suffering Ma and Pa and one sweet little dog named Merry.