About Holly

In its purest form, yoga is an all-encompassing approach to life, not just a physical practice. For Holly, one of our Course Leaders, her parents were those amazing switched-on people and she was raised with this philosophy. So for her, there was never a starting point for "yoga", it's all been yoga.

As she grew up, she explored this philosophy through contemporary dance, eventually attending the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. From there, she got her Masters at The Place in London and became a professional dancer, working for eight years throughout the UK and Europe. Throughout her dance career, she maintained a meditation and pranayama practise, and continued to participate in workshops at home and abroad.

Over time, she participated in a community leadership-training program in Germany, working with 120 people from 35 different countries. After the training, she was asked to join their team as a facilitator. She spent the following three years as a full time volunteer, guiding leadership-training workshops throughout Germany, France and Ireland, teaching others about pranayama and meditation. It was during this time that she fully embraced the concept of service-oriented yoga or seva.

Holly has practised a wide range of yoga, from Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa, to restorative and Yin yoga. She completed one of YogaLondon's first teacher training courses, and has also done 100-hours of training in Rocket Yoga. She's done extensive study with Paul Dallaghan, completing his 200-hour foundation course, as well as an additional 400-hours studying pranayama and yogic texts. Nowadays, Holly's natural tendency is to practice Bhakti yoga.

During her teacher training with YogaLondon, it was clear that Holly had a wealth of experience. After her certification, she was brought on board to teach, eventually becoming one of our Course Leaders. She now teaches for the 200-hour trainings, and she created the outreach component for the 500-hour advanced training.

Holly has the laid-back energy of a California beach girl, the nurturing patience of a wise teacher, and a free-spirited heart. She is YogaLondon's "Bhakti Baby" and we're fortunate to have her.