About Lisa

Lisa is a citizen of the world. Born in South Africa, raised in the UK and Germany, she moved to London in early 2000. She has taught German to Spaniards in Barcelona, taught business English at corporates in Germany, worked as product manager for a British baby product manufacturer, was head of HR for financial services companies and a consultant to start-up businesses, and did a short stint at a radio astronomical institute. On top of all that, she began her yoga practice in her mid 20’s, and has studied several styles with a range of world-renowned teachers.

Lisa discovered yoga while working in Germany when she needed some means to ground herself and quiet her mind. At the prodding of a colleague, she tried a yoga class, which happened to be an Iyengar class. The energy and thrill she felt from that first class is still fresh in her memory. She signed up for a 10-week course and practised in this tradition for the next two years.

When she moved to London, Lisa began looking for a new yoga teacher and class. She stumbled upon an Ashtanga class, and though she was skeptical of the style, she loved the teacher, and she studied with that teacher for the next 7 years. As his teaching evolved from Ashtanga to more Yin and flow styles, Lisa too explored these in her own practice and fell in love with Yoga all over again.

Lisa began her yoga teaching career by accident, when her teacher went on holiday and needed a substitute. She continued to sub in, and began offering Yoga classes at her work place until finally deciding to complete a teacher training in early 2009. Her training was in the Sivananda style, and it helped her learn what was involved beyond the physical practice; her main interests to this day are pranayama and philosophy. Lisa continued her qualification with other teachers, taking courses with Doug Keller, Sarah and Ty Powers, Judith Lasater, Julie Gudmestad and and Tias Little amongst others.

After her first teacher training, Lisa returned to London and within six months, she was teaching eight classes, in addition to maintaining her corporate consulting work. After a year, she was ready to transition out of corporate life, which she admits was a real challenge at the time. Now however, she’s quick to point out that she could never go back to a standard 9 - 5 job.

When many of her yoga students became pregnant, Lisa became interested in what modifications were needed. She went on to become certified as a pre and postnatal yoga teacher and this became her specialty. She’s trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Francoise Barbara Freedman. She loves the wisdom behind prenatal and postnatal teaching and has seen the powerful difference the practice makes to couples’ birth experiences, and she's been teaching it ever since. To broaden her skillset, Lisa became a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher in 2013 and supports parents to achieve an active and natural birth. She works with Lewisham Hospital in promoting pre and postnatal Yoga and is involved in many parent-to-be projects in her borough.

Lisa met Rebecca in early 2013 and an easy camaraderie formed. When YogaLondon decided to add a Pregnancy Teacher Training course, Lisa and Anja were chosen to create the manual and course outline themselves. They collectively spent five months researching to create the most in-depth training possible. Lisa has been teaching for YogaLondon ever since, along with maintaining her own schedule of yoga classes. We are fortunate to have her background and vast knowledge on the Pregnancy Teacher Training Course.