About Rahoul

Rahoul is the definition of diversity. Born in Toronto, he grew up in London and spent a year in India, then lived in New York City and Italy as an adult. He's studied media and communications, European studies and Italian language. In addition, he's completing his PhD in media & communications at the London School of Economics, examining how London has developed its symbolic identity through film. He's living proof that yogis come from all backgrounds!

Rahoul first came across yoga when he was a teenager and caught his aunt practising. His initial thought was ‘this is just plain weird'. Years later, when his lower back began acting up due to flat feet, knee troubles, and perhaps too much sitting while studying, a friend suggested yoga. Rahoul found Bikram yoga first which soon alleviated his back pain. After nearly a year of Bikram, Rahoul turned to Ashtanga Vinyasa, and eventually Vinyasa Flow. He continues to make Vinyasa Flow his daily practice.

Rahoul choose YogaLondon for his teacher training because of our belief that students are best off when they develop their own teaching style during training. A year after his training, he was brought back as a course tutor and he's been teaching for YogaLondon ever since. Rahoul is now a course leader on our 200-hour training programme.

Rahoul specialises in asana technique and physical adjustments for YogaLondon. The students love him for his grounded and encouraging energy, his respect for diversity and his open-heart. Rahoul also teaches at Yoga West, and still manages to find time to cook yummy vegan dishes for his wife. In early November 2014, Rahoul and his wife welcomed their first child, a little baby boy.