Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Videos

Students' Stories

Kelly's Journey

How do you know that you're ready to be a yoga teacher and leave the stability that you know? Kelly talks openly about what her journey to becoming a yoga teacher has been like, with all the ups and downs that come with it...

Two paths converging on a 500hr training

Asha embarked on her 500-hour training partly due to her background in yoga philosophy. Meanwhile, Corrie thought the philosophy aspect of a 500-hour training would hold her back. During their course, both Asha and Corrie uncovered new opportunities for learning, but not what they expected...

Luci’s Path

Even though Luci had been practicing for nearly 20 years, she still had apprehensions about taking the Apprentice Module. Learn what helped her sign up -

Francesca’s Journey

Determining how and when to complete an Apprentice Module was important to Francesca. Find out what she discovered about herself along the way...

Our Teachers Talk

Sanskrit - as yummy as ice cream

In this short video, Gabriella, our Sanskrit teacher, explains how accessible Sanskrit can be for any student, regardless of their aptitude for language. She makes Sanskrit sound as easy and as yummy as opening up the freezer and eating ice cream. Truly.

Everyone’s Welcome; YogaLondon’s Advanced Training

What is advanced enough? How do you know when you're ready? YogaLondon teachers and students address these very questions in this short 3 minute video.

Core Modules

Go deeper with YogaLondon’s 500hr Philosophy Module

The advanced module in Philosophy can be intimidating for many students. Deciphering the Upanishads, understanding the Sutras, and how on Earth can they be applicable today? A few of our 500-hour students open up to what they learned and how (gasp) easy the course was for them...

YogaLondon’s Apprentice Module

The lineage of yoga paves the way for a new teacher to learn from an experienced teacher. Our Apprentice Module allows for this opportunity.


Teaching on the Advanced Course

Two of our Advanced Teachers talk about the advanced modules and their effect on students.

Advancing to Advanced

Three 500-hr students talk about their experiences on the advanced course

Funky Angles

This short is a collection of moving images from several YogaLondon yogis.


Difficult isn't necessarily these asanas, sometimes in yoga what is difficult is making our practice consistent, and allowing for our yoga practice to become a meditation. Now that's difficult!

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