Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Videos

Students' Stories

Perspectives from a Pregnant Yogi

What's it like to be a yogi who's pregnant? What's it like to be pregnant and still practicing? In this video, Rachel opens up about her process and what she's learning on this yoga journey.

Create Your Own Path

Laura was a dancer when she came to yoga. But what she experienced in the first three months of her yoga training changed her more than her six years of dance training. What was that change? Watch to learn more -

The Path to Teaching

How does one actually become a yoga teacher? When is the right time? When are you ready for a training? How do you get out in the world and start teaching? Rachel, one of our Prenatal students addresses this and talks about her own path to teaching.

The Pregnancy Training Experience

Grow Your Potential

If you're contemplating a pregnancy teacher training, but have questions, this video highlighting our students and teachers, is the answer!

The students journey on a Prenatal course

Do you have to be pregnant to do a prenatal course? Do you have to have children? Do you have to be female? Recent students had these same questions, they're all answered here -

Our Pregnancy Yoga Tutors

One of the most valuable assets of any teacher training are the tutors. Who are they? Where do they come from? Will you be able to connect with them? These are our pregnancy tutors....

Short Fun

Teaching Pre-Natal Yoga; an animated short film

We created a short animation based on a story a student told one of our pre-natal teachers - a story that proves in detail what a difference pre-natal yoga makes!

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