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Forward Thinking

My Yoga Dream

How will yoga shape your life? Some of our students share how they're able to dream bigger with yoga...

Beginning the year with yoga

Every day can be the start of a new year. Hear what some of our students have said about how yoga will influence their coming year.

My First Yoga Class

Remember your first yoga class? You loved it? You hated it? These students share their experiences -


What Is Yoga?

Can you synthesize, in less than a minute, "What is Yoga?". We asked 8 former students and current YogaLondon teachers this question, and they came up with some extraordinarily beautiful and simple and profound answers.

What Is A Yogi?

There are thousands of definitions and descriptions of a "Yogi". We got some funny, touching and incredibly humble responses to this question when we asked some YogaLondon teachers, some students and some graduates.

My Yoga Journey

How did you come to yoga? Can you uncover more yoga? Some of our current and former students chime in on how yoga found them.

Where do you find yoga?

Yoga comes to people in many different ways... in this 1 minute video, former students talk about where they find yoga in their lives.

The Essence of Yoga





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