Pregnancy Teacher Training

Specialised Training

Some yoga teachers are hesitant to take up pre-natal yoga teaching because they’ve never been pregnant. Here’s a secret: you’re not teaching women how to be pregnant, you’re teaching them yoga! They don’t need advice on how to give birth, they need advice on which yoga moves are safe. During this course, you’ll learn which breathing exercises help pregnant women, and most importantly, how to create a space where they can fully relax and unwind. Your pre-natal yoga class could do all that for them, and more.

Our pregnancy teacher training includes techniques for pre and post-natal, which is unfortunately lacking in many pregnancy teacher trainings. Our aim is to help women through the joys and discomforts of pregnancy, as well as equip you to handle their post-natal experiences. We’ll help you create an environment that allows women to honour themselves as they go through the incredible journey of birth.

Flexible Modules, Easy Payments

We have structured the pregnancy training to take place over the course of four months, one weekend per month. In addition, our training is divided into two modules, pre-natal and post-natal. You’re welcome to take the modules in any order that suits you.

The total fee for our pre-natal training is £750. After an initial deposit, you may choose to pay-as-you-go, with monthly payments of only £125 for four months. Yes, it really is that easy!