Vinyasa Your Anxiety Away

Have you ever felt this anxiety?

Anxiety sucks. It dries out my mouth, it gives me stomach cramps and it makes me SO irritable. Anxiety affects us all differently and for different reasons, but the common denominator in this tale is, we all suffer from anxiety. (more…)

What Is This Yoga Thing Anyway?

Your cat doing yoga

Starting yoga is easily the hardest part of any yogi’s journey. For every serene and impossibly bendy ‘success story’ there are hundreds of people at the very beginning of their exploration of yoga feeling a little bemused. These people may already have ventured into a few classes. They might be studying pictures of yoga poses with intrigue, apprehension, or probably both, while they wonder how they’ll ever choose what kind of yoga class they want to go to. (more…)

I Gave Up Yoga For the Goblins

Yoga over Goblins

I don’t know about you, but by the end of January my New Years Resolutions really start weighing me down. It’s always the same, I set my goals: “I want to do a handstand this year,” “I want to work up to a half hour of meditation,” or “I will hit my mat at least five times a week.” Then I enthusiastically work towards them, and even meet and sustain them for a time. (more…)

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