YogaLondon; Yoga Teacher in Training, the Final Weekend

YogaLondon; Yoga Teacher in Training, the Final Weekend

Success is on the other side of fear

Weekend 9

Our penultimate weekend came around quickly as we neared the end of the course. I was excited to share with my coursemates that I had a potential teaching opportunity with a trial booked a few weeks from now – I couldn’t believe it! Until then, my focus would be on savoring the remainder of the course which would be quite exam heavy – this evening would be our anatomy exam…! (more…)

Imogen Ingram

Restorative Yoga – the Lowdown

Restorative Yoga - the Lowdown

Stressed? Busy? Juggling too many balls? Trying to tick off an endless ‘to-do’ list? This seems to be most of us, especially if we’re lucky enough to live in the buzzing capital city of London.

What with work, family, a social life, and the mental load that comes with that trio, it’s easy to let this frenetic ‘get-things-done’ attitude spill over into our yoga practice – ‘Done my morning yoga practice!’ ‘Tick!’ (more…)

Poppy Pickles

Yogi’s Guide: Posture

Yogi's Guide: Posture

I love people watching – I’m a physio, I can’t help it. For me, time waiting for trains is time spent checking out how people stand. Spotting the person with great posture becomes my passion. You know the one who stands tall; elegant, effortless and a delight to watch.

But why don’t we all move that way? And can we change that with yoga?


Sally Schofield
Yoga makes the heart sing

To Prop or Not to Prop – that is the Question

To Prop or Not to Prop - that is the Question

I am an Iyengar yoga teacher, so props are part of my practice, day in, day out. In Iyengar yoga, they are used as an extension of the body, a guide for alignment and a support to hold a pose for longer  – and countless other things. They are not cool accessories to make yoga easier!

In fact, sometimes when we take a prop, it makes the work harder – we then do the pose properly, rather than letting the body cheat the pose. (more…)

Poppy Pickles

Yogi’s Guide: Thoracic Spine

Thoracic Spine yogi guide

I always think that the thoracic spine is the ‘Cinderella’ area of the back. It is integral to many yoga poses but we rarely pay much attention to it. Until things go wrong that is! Maybe it is time to give your thoracic spine a little love to keep it sweet for the future. (more…)

Sally Schofield