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The Cheeky Yogi is a terrible Yogi

The Cheeky Yogi is a terrible Yogi

I am a terrible yogi. I am wonderfully capable of pretending to be a yogi, but if you peaked into the cacophony of my exploding thoughts, you’d run for cover. On the outside the appearance of serenity itself; on the inside all hell breaks loose. These past few weeks my unyogic-ness reached new heights. (more…)

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Yogi’s Guide: Strong Summer Legs

Yogi's Guide: Strong Summer Legs

Spring is here with it’s promise of glorious summer days. Soon legs will be tempted out from hibernation. Freedom from tights. No more trousers. Bring out the shorts and skirts I say!

This is a truly time of joy for most. And dread for many as the reality of what nature has bestowed on us in the leg department falls short of the media ideal. Very few of us have supermodel length legs that are sculpted to perfection. But fear not – yoga and our anatomy is all we need for super strong, summer legs. So, roll out your mat and set your intention. Lovely legs here we come! (more…)

Sally Schofield
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Yogi’s Guide: the Iliotibial Band

Yogi's Guide: the Iliotibial Band

You may have heard of the Iliotibial band, aka the ITB. It is an amazing piece of engineering but most people only learn of it when it causes pain!. Usually, knee pain. Here’s what every yogi needs to know to keep the ITB happy, healthy and pain-free. (more…)

Sally Schofield