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Don’t Forget the Forward Fold — Uttanasana Explored

Uttanasana is such a familiar pose that we often forget the finer points of the pose as we rush on to the more popular parts of our practice. Today I champion this foundation pose with a closer look at the teaching points and top tips for your students. Forgotten Forward Fold Uttanasana, or intense forward-bending pose, […]

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Yoga For Lower Back Pain: It May Be As Good As Physiotherapy

Yoga may be about as good as physiotherapy for treating lower back pain, according to a new study published in a major medical journal. The results of the long-term study, which involved a large and racially diverse group of participants, come as welcome scientific support for using yoga as a therapy for back pain. Whilst

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How to Make Your Students Fall in Love With Plank Pose

Some students have a tendency to skip through plank pose as they rush on into chaturanga dandasana. But is this fair? Planks can be modified to strengthen shoulders and progressed to build core control. Here’s how to bring planks to life and allow your students to love them as they deserve. The Power of Plank Pose Planks in their various

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