Forward Folds
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3 Useful Secrets to Deepening Your Forward Folds

Have you ever wanted to get deeper in your forward fold? Do you feel like you haven’t made progress in awhile with these? Well, I am here to tell you three little secrets to help you! These are commonly forgotten and are key to a deeper forward fold. First and foremost, why should we forward […]

Depression treatment
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Yoga Proven to Treat Depression

New research is bringing yoga one step closer to becoming a medically recommended treatment for depression. Findings show that yoga practice can help reduce symptoms of the condition, which is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States and worldwide, with around 16.1 million American adults alone experiencing at least one

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Doga Anxiety

Vinyasa Your Anxiety Away

Anxiety sucks. It dries out my mouth, it gives me stomach cramps and it makes me SO irritable. Anxiety affects us all differently and for different reasons, but the common denominator in this tale is, we all suffer from anxiety. What Does Anxiety Look Like? Unlike the stresses that we deal with everyday, anxiety is

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