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upward facing dog
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The Teacher’s Guide to Upward Facing Dog

Upward facing dog, or variations of it, are performed countless times by students during their yoga journey. As an iconic pose, novice students will strive to achieve upward facing dog but many will fail; repeatedly risking injury from their poor technique. Knowing how to teach this pose well is essential for every yoga teacher and here is how

Beginner’s Guide
Asana, Practice, Standing Poses, Yogis Guide

Yogi’s Guide: Posture

I love people watching – I’m a physio, I can’t help it. For me, time waiting for trains is time spent checking out how people stand. Spotting the person with great posture becomes my passion. You know the one who stands tall; elegant, effortless and a delight to watch. But why don’t we all move

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Ankle Care
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Yogi’s Guide: The Ankle

Ankles are amazing things – they (literally) hold us up and propel us around. They absorb HUGE amounts of impact when we run and jump. And yet we rarely pay them any attention. Unless they are a problem, of course, then they can cause pain and suffering. Let me introduce you to the incredible world

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