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The Cheeky Yogi contemplates ‘Back to School’

The Cheeky Yogi contemplates 'Back to School'

Remember being a kid, the night before the start of the new school year? Fear grips your churning stomach – a new class, a new teacher, a new label as a ‘big girl’.

At the same time, excitement radiating from every pore at the idea of seeing friends, sharing (and embellishing) your summer holiday adventures and the ultimate joy of getting away from your older/younger brother/sister. (more…)

Lockdown Cheeky Yogi style

Lockdown Cheeky Yogi style

The secret to survive lockdown is have a routine. Learn a new skill. Clear your to-do list. Simple. Yet life in lockdown appears deceptively the same, but in reality something is out there… lurking…