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Are You Stealing from Yoga Teachers?

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We learn about cheating at school. We know copying someone else’s homework right before the lesson is wrong, but sometimes you get away with having ‘done the work’. Then, by extension, we learn about plagiarism and copyright infringement; it’s wrong to take someone else’s work and pass it off as our own.

But what’s the stance on stealing sequence and yoga lesson ideas from other teachers? Is this as bad as plagiarism and cheating? There’s no doubt about it that yogic stealing happens. One of the founding principles of yoga is asteya – or non-stealing. The third of Patanjali’s yamas, asteya is also the urge to covet what another has. We might want the charisma of another teacher, the smooth teaching style, the easy grace. But that is not ours to take. What we can take are their ideas.

So how do we sort out the ethics of yogic stealing? (more…)

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Pregnancy Yoga Guide

How Ayurveda is Already in Your Life!

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Ayurveda is like a secret doorway that has been in front of you the entire time. It’s been guiding you, expanding you, and restricting you without you necessarily being aware of it. It constantly shows you where you need more balance and if you are listening, it shows you how to receive it. Conscious awareness is just one of the ways Ayurveda can change your life

To understand how Ayurveda impacts you on an individual basis, it’s helpful to get a sense of your Ayurvedic dosha. If you’re unfamiliar with your dosha, that’s okay, Ayurveda is already in your life! Here’s how… (more…)

Jaclyn Andrews

Yamas and Niyamas: Ten Attitudes to Live a Fully Yogic Life

Yamas and Niyamas

Yoga is more than just stretching and breathing. Discover the 10 yoga attitudes that you can cultivate towards yourself and others to lay the foundation for your whole yoga practise. Known as yamas and niyamas, these attitudes can help us further our yoga journey both on and off the mat.


Asteya: How The Art Of Not Stealing Makes You Wealthier

Asteya: How The Art Of Not Stealing Makes You Wealthier

Feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice you have as a consumer? Not quite sure how this fits in with something as esoteric sounding as a yama? Join me as I share exactly why our third yama – asteya – is more relevant than ever for modern day yoga practitioners.


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Brahmacarya – Is Everything In Moderation Really The Yogic Way?

Brahmacarya – Is Everything In Moderation Really The Yogic Way?

Sex, food, yoga – are these things we should only have in moderation? In a world of sensory overload, it’s easy to get confused between what we need, and what we want, but how would you react if we told you that sex, food and even yoga should all be taken in moderation?