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Interview: Instagram Star & Model Antoinette Webb on the Importance of Radical Self-Love

Antoinette Webb started her Instagram account @journey2antoinette in 2015, with the aim of documenting her personal yoga journey and being accountable through her posts. Six years later she has over 27k followers and is a professional yoga model for Athleta. But most of all, yoga has helped her develop her own brand of radical self-love which has […]

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Krishnamacharya, The Father Of Modern Yoga

Krishnamacharya Is Probably The Most Famous Yogi You’ve Barely Heard Of. His Students Have Gone On To Be Some Of The Most Famous Students In The World, Developing Techniques Now Recognisable In Every Yoga Studio. Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, to give him his full name, was born 1888 and died in 1989 at the impressive age of

Depression treatment
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Yoga Proven to Treat Depression

New research is bringing yoga one step closer to becoming a medically recommended treatment for depression. Findings show that yoga practice can help reduce symptoms of the condition, which is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States and worldwide, with around 16.1 million American adults alone experiencing at least one

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Teaching Pitfalls
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6 Teaching Cues To Avoid in Your Classes

All teachers have their own strengths, their own vocabulary and their own ways of creating sequences — and so will students. Lots of people will ‘shop around’ with different yoga classes in the same way we would do when purchasing an expensive item — we want to find a teacher who will help us grow,

Mysuru Knowledge
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If you know Yoga, then you NEED to know Mysuru

On June 21, Indian yogis made international headlines when 54,101 of them practiced together on Mysuru’s Race Course to celebrate International Yoga Day for the third time. Whilst it didn’t quite make a world record, it has put Mysuru on the yoga map for more yogis than ever before. Where is Mysuru? Mysuru, otherwise known

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Risking practice

Practising on the Edge: Should We Really Be Doing It?

Practising on the edge. For those of you old enough to remember, the Edge used to refer to the lead guitarist of U2 (Showing my age? Perhaps!), but for those of us in the yoga world, the edge means something entirely different. Practising on the edge is a relatively recent term in yoga. It refers

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